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How's Your Driving?

'I can't believe I'm getting paid for this.' I drove along through the desert with sunny skies, mountains to the east and west, and beautiful desert scenery. I must have laughed out loud four times.
I'm now working for my son Tim at Parsons Rocks! (a little product placement there), so we both wear three hats: father and son, boss and employee (he's the boss) and business partners. One of my myriad jobs is to drive his flatbed truck and dumping trailer when there's a truck pinch.
My mirth made me consider the following scenarios: In the first, two vehicles rocket down the highway, one a big rig and one a motorhome. The truck driver grouses to himself about his lot in life, while the motorhome driver, going about the same speed and experiencing relatively the same comfort, enjoys every mile.

"Of course," you say, "he's on a vacation and having the time of his life." Okay, we'll switch it up.
The truck driver taps his fingers to the beat on the radio while the rig rolls down the highway, happy to be warm and dry and not breaking his back somewhere. Meanwhile, behind him, a guy drives his motorhome, his fingers white on the wheel. He peers at the gas gauge and groans. "This gas sucking pig is going to need another filllup." He can't understand why his wife thinks this is such a good idea.
It doesn't matter which rig you drive, what matters is how you drive it.

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