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Talking Bidness

I ended up in Las Vegas for a bit, so son Tim volunteered to Road Trip with me back to Brian Head and a day of skiing. I reluctantly agreed. We drove the Corvette, the best road trip car, and talked bidness. I love business, Tim does too, and he's an overflowing river of ideas. His business, Parsons Rocks!, sells landscape rack, pavers and synthetic grass. Yes, for you Washington and Colorado people, we sell grass in Nevada too. As we drove, we bounced ideas off one another, and Tim, once again, hasn't given up, is still going to create the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder. How clever! It will be probably burlap and will be a great way to carry those heavy rocks into the back yard. How many times have you carried boulders and thought, 'Gee, there must be a better way to do this.' Right? Well soon,you won't have to worry about that ever again. He's got plenty of other ideas, and the challenge isn't implementing them, the challenge is determining what is an idea, and what is a good idea. Taking it another step, what is a GREAT idea. Which one is the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder? Time will tell. After looking online and consulting Tim, I learned that an Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder has another meaning. I had no idea. All these years, and I thought it was just about boulders.


Mel said...

I ain't no rocket surgeon or brain scientist, but if'n I were, based on your description, I'd swear you was talkin' 'bout one o' tham boulder holders that's already been invented... They're called brassieres!

Kevin Parsons said...

Boy do I feel like an idiot.