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New Books Cover Art

Sometimes it seems the universe is against you. I received the final drafts of the cover art for the '50 Stories' books, and they looked great! I decided to share them with you. However, I saved them in 'pictures' on my PC, and couldn't find them. I was leaving for Las Vegas for a few days, so I desperately tried to find them before leaving; no luck. After trying a few tricks, I located themn! Yet when I tired to put them on the blog, it couldn't read them. Wait! I could get them on my iPad (the tool of Satan)... but no, it can't upload pictures to the blog- not without a degree in IT, anyway. Off I went to Vegas, and no graphics for you- er, us. But wait! At son Tim's housae, a PC, with wifi! I could download the photo, get it and put it on this blog post! I downloaded it, found it, told it to attach it, and ... nothing. Unbelievable. Tried it seven times, no photo. Drat! I promise I will, soon, get them for your perusal. No idea how. And my humblest apologies. Oh, to be computer literate. Actually, maybe I'm happpier this way. The learning curve sounds horrible.


Mel said...

So... you've discovered your 'covers' can't be easily uncovered. Don't worry, pal... We've got you covered. Unless, of course, this is only a cover-up.

Kevin Parsons said...

Once again, my computer ignorance slaps me upside the head.