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Obamacare VI- HUGE Surprise!

When I started this saga a week ago, I never anticipated the huge surprise I would encounter last Friday (by the way, it was our 39th anniversary too. A date I won't forget). Fasten your seat belts.
I discovered that my wife and I are poor.
If you know me, you'll be as surprised as we were.
Here's how we found out:
When a person signs up for Obamacare, they ask you a plethora of questions. Many of them are about money. How much did you make as of your last tax return, etc. I took our last tax return (it's around an inch thick), ending 12/31/12, and took the numbers right off of it. For sure, because it says at the the end of the survey something like this;
I declare UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that the information is true and correct,to the best of my abilities. So I TOLD THE TRUTH.

The website doubles as a portal to other government programs, and it informed me I was qualified for Medicaid and SNAP/TANF. That is, food stamps.Shocker! I'm pretty sure I'm eligible for Section 8 housing too. It made me think of a few funny things:
I would love to drive up to Walmart in my Corvette Z-06 and buy my groceries with food stamps. I just love the irony of that.
I'm tempted to apply for Section 8 housing too, so I could keep renting out my house, along with my seven other rental houses, and save money. Perhaps I could make my cabin a Section 8 rental unit and rent it to myself.
I'm going to leave you to ponder this. How could a guy like me, with so many assets (five businesses, Real Estate, a nice 401(K) and stocks) be poor?
Stay tuned, more details and stunning information on Thursday.

And the Obamacare update? Heard nothing from Cheryl today, so I'll call and nag her tomorrow. Checking the health care portal however, it looks like I'm eligible for two programs that are free. One of the advantages of being poor.

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