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Road Trip!

We're on the Annual Road Trip! Yes, I'm driving Dad to snowbird country, Lake Havasu City, AZ. First, a bit of stupidity.
I didn't get Libby down the Hill to Las Vegas soon enough. Thursday the yard sat under a foot of snow. However, the roads were bare and dry. I dug a path from the garage to the road and got Libby out after the snow melted and before the driveway froze again, and she sat out all night. We planned to convoy to Vegas, Quilter Girl driving the truck, with Libby and I enjoying the cool weather, 14 degrees in Brian Head. I began by scraping a half inch if ice off the truck's windshield, and Libby sat looking like a Popsicle. Stop the story right there. You would think that if the windshield had significant frost on it, the highway might too, right?You would think. But I wouldn't think. I fired the bike and lit up the heated grips and seat while scraping ice. We headed down the hill and I felt her wiggle. She felt nervous on the ice cold road. Slowed down. Eased down the hill, the fifteen minute segment taking forty-five. Jeez. Should have waited for Mr. Sun for an hour, dur! We made it and the rest went well, the temperatures creeping up steadily until,we reached Las Vegas, a wonderful seventy five degrees. Wow, a sixty-one degree swing! We took care of some business and flew to Seattle on Saturday ($7.50, thank you Southwest Rewards Visa) and landed in a windstorm, where I made my second mistake. The pilot fought the invisible gusts and I'd been in a situation like this before, and they just drop the plane onto the runway. This guy landed it smoothly, earning his money. My mistake? I didn't shake his hand and thank him. Thanks Mr. Pilot , SWA! Best I could do. Fast forward a few days of visiting friends and relatives, and tonight I was supposed to go to Dad's, spend the night, and start tomorrow. And I've got the flu. Jeez.

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Mel said...

You've got the flu? But you already flew. You can't have the flu... You're supposed to be driving!

If it's any consolation, the flu that I got the day after our visit appears to have been the 24-hour version. I hope you're as short-lived... Not you! I mean I hope your flu is as short-lived. :-)