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Help Me! I'm a Hostage!

My name is Liberty Ann Justice, I'm a 2010 Honda Gold Wing, and I'm being held AGAINST MY WILL. I'm in Brian Head Utah somewhere in a garage, freezing to death. Worse, my rider, Kevin, has made rumblings about TAKING ME OUT tomorrow. Not like 'taking me out' killing me, or 'taking me out' like on a date, but taking me out for a ride to Las Vegas, and all I see is snow!I've had bad experiences with snow, so I ask  you to please rescue me. Send six men to carry me to the street,then load me onto the trailer and GET ME TO A LOWER AND WARMER ELEVATION. This place is no place for a motorcycle. In fact, last week he took his XR400 to a warmer climate, so why not me? What am I, chopped liver? I knew this didn't look good when he parked me behind two (shudder) snowmobiles.

So PLEASE send a four by four with a trailer, six strong men, AND GET ME OUT OF HERE. Before he takes me out.

P.S. Bring some premium fuel. He always uses regular. Ugh.
P.P.S. The trailer is whining about coming along. Don't bother.

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Mel said...

I'm glad to hear you made it safely to Las Vegas in spite of that Kevin guy. There must be a lot of Gold-Winged angels (not to be confused with angles) watching over both of you!