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Seattle Road Trip

A small part of our road trip involved touring the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with the in-laws. Even tough a native, I saw wonderful new things on the adventure, such as the Hoh Rain Forest. What an amazing natural phenomenon, with giant trees over two hundred feet tall, some which had crashed to the ground to provide topsoil for a new batch of plants. Fascinating.
And we got to visit the Capitol, one we missed on the 50 States Adventure.
For all you motorcycle enthusiasts out there, my apologies. We took the Corvette this time. The poor thing sat for a year so we figured this would be a chance for it to stretch it's legs.
Enjoy the photos!

Deception Pass bridge
                                             Once again Quilter Girl got her ferry boat ride.
Bambi stood still for us. Good girl.
                                                                     Crescent Lake

                                                   Hoh Rain Forest. Didn't see any Hohs
                                                                      Big trees.
No trip is complete without a quilt shop. Nationally acclaimed Buggy Barn.
                                           The Evergreen State even features green lakes.


Mel\ said...

After travelling such a great distance to the Hoh Rain Forest, you must have been very disappointed to not see any Hohs. I'll bet you saw some rain, though... One out of two isn't bad.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

It rained on the peninsula, but not in the rainforest, a bit of irony there for sure.