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The Culture, What's Better?

I received plenty of response to Monday's post question (actually there were numerous questions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and the blog), 'Do you think the culture is better or worse since 1968?' Some answers included: “Not hating the technology....not liking what it is doing to our culture.” Apparently we're not connected as well today, due to the social media and Internet, which allows us to 'connect,' yet not face to face. Another response indicated we struggled with the Viet Nam war and the money spent on it could have been put to better use. Yet nowadays it seems like the government wastes even more money. One response indicated we don't care like we used to. When the astronauts launched toward the moon, every eye was glued to the television sets. Now people don't notice when a Mars Rover heads to the red planet. We tend to look back on the old days with nostalgia. However, many things in today's culture are much better than then. For instance, most of our children are more color blind than the sixties generation. Here's today's challenge: What do you find better in our culture than the sixties?


Pam said... is really hard to quit you cold turkey. After a year of tuning in everyday and getting my biker guy and quilter girl fix, now I have to find someone else to fill my need...because I guess you two are off living your "real" life hahahahaha!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks for such kind words! You'll have to read the Monday and Thursday posts over and over!