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50 States, 18 Days To Go

  Williams to Rocklin,  86 Miles

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

~Walt Disney

We woke to high winds slashing through trees. Quilter Girl was not pleased, and asked for a day off. Mean old me said no and we headed south with the wind mostly at our backs. We had a few miles of not fun blustery side winds, but survived and made it to the Capitol in Sacramento.

Outside, a group of forty or so gathered to say something like this: "We want our piece of the pie for _______." (Fill in whatever you like). An important bureaucrat spoke and said something like this, "I'm on  a lot of committees, and I'll see to it that you get money for your ______ ." (Fill in whatever you like). "And you better vote for me." Actually he didn't say the last part, but I'm sure they got the message.   

California wins the Most Thorough Strip Search award, as we waited in line, then my numerous plates holding broken bones together set off the metal detector. Next came wand time. Interesting after no search at all in Oregon. I wonder which state capitol has survived more terrorist attacks.

They routed us into the side entrance, though the addition that looks like it was designed by a guy with only a t-square. Finally we found the original building, with it's grand rotunda. We found a tour already in progress and jumped in, as the meter was running next to Libby. Since the legislature and Senate were in session, myriad people moved about, looking quite important. The tour guide was knowledgeable and passionate, telling us how important laws got passed. We got to tour the Senate and Legislature galleries, as we were attached to a tour.    
Since Cally is such a big important state, many recognizable governors' portraits hung up for our perusal; Reagan, Brown, Davis. No Schwarzenegger yet, as they ran out of paint on his biceps. 

We finished the tour and in the front stood a big white tent with a few people in it, gathered to say something like this:

Well, you know what they said.   

The grounds were really nice, plenty of trees, flowers and grass, a wonder of beauty in the middle of the city. 

Off we went to Rocklin to spend an evening with Gordy and Michelle. Gordy is my partner (business partner, easy there) at Parsons Bros. Rockeries, CA. It was great to see them and get caught up on personal and business endeavors. 

And now, allergic and winded, Quilter Girl!

The wind bothers me a lot, but Eleanor Roosevelt said to do one thing that you fear each day.  I realize that there is no evidence for the fear.  We have never come close to crashing because of wind.  So off we went.  I was an okay ride and the capitol was worth the ride (and the city traffic).  We had an awesome tour guide who was passionate about the capitol building and the business of making laws.  It was a great day for sitting outside and was pretty calm on the capitol grounds.  It was a great place to people watch as it was a busy place.

Michelle is a beginning quilter, so we have had a great time talking quilting.   It makes me want to get Ethel out and have some fun.  Tomorrow we will head for Lake Tahoe, a good plan as it is due to be hot here.   


We'll see you tomorrow, and sorry about the absence of photos. I blame the iPad, the tool of Satan.  


Mel said...

QG spelled Ethyl 'Ethel' and KP has spelled her name both ways, as he has also spelled Libby 'Libbie' at least once. I'm pretty sure by now that it's supposed to be Ethel and Libby but, Kelvin and Cheri, please correct me if I'm wrong.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The corect speling four Ethyl is E t h e l. Libby is L i b b i e. Ethyl and Libbie wood bee very afronted if there manes wear mispeled.
Hoap that cleers everything up fer ya.

Mel said...

Clear as your name... Mud!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

No wonder my friends call me Dirt Bag.