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50 States, 19 Days To Go


Weed to Williams,  251 Miles

"If you don't actively and decidedly choose to be the best, you automatically default to the lower 80% in your field."

~Brian Tracy

"This is worse than Kansas."

Quilter Girl was right. Kansas had set the bar for wind speeds. Today, California stepped to the top with 40-50 MPH speeds. Fortunately it was a tailwind, blowing us to good fuel mileage, except for those annoying gusts from the side. 

"There's a Motel 6 at the next exit," she said. Ah, I've been married long enough to know that's code for, "Stop this bike at the next exit or I'm ripping your eyes out." I stopped. Whew! When stopped the wind shrieked, and we were happy to get parked and out of the fracas. 

The day started clear and cold, forty-seven degrees. That's life in the mountains. We geared up and rode through the beautiful forests of pine, then cedar, redwood and a plethora of combinations. Mount Shasta (yes, we have pictures!) loomed large, and other snow capped mountain peaks stood tall against the blue sky. And we enjoyed another light traffic day. 

We followed 89 south to Lassen National Park intending to visit it on the way. However, the sign read, 'road closed ten miles ahead.' Dangit. We opted for plan B, Highway 44 south. Somewhere we were supposed to hit A6, but it never materialized. I'm sure some of you are yelling at your screen. "Get and use a GPS, you idiot!" However, it just adds to the fun. We soldiered on and hit I-5 southbound. That's when the winds picked up. 

In spite of the wind, I fought sleep. It's terrible to struggle with sleep in any vehicle, but while riding a bike is just worse. We stopped at a rest area and I laid my head on a picnic table in the gale force winds and slept for a few minutes. The problem with sleep deprivation and bikes is the logistics of sleeping. I can crank the seat back in almost any car and get a few winks, but picnic tables close the window of opportunity to a few degrees of temperatures, and the wind doesn't help at all.  

Speaking of sleep deprivation, I noted to QG that neither one of us has had three nights' good sleep in a row on this adventure,except for a few situations. Because we don't sleep in the same bed or the same place more than a few nights, one of us is tossing, reading or writing in the still of the night. Just part of the joy of the journey. As we turn towards home, we're looking forward to the same bed and no freeway or campground noises. Or people fighting in the parking lot, diesel trucks firing up before dawn, etc. 

And now, sleepy but not windy, Quilter Girl!

I was glad to stop here, wind is my worst enemy on the bike, I feel like it could just blow us over.  At the rest area it did seem that it could blow me off my feet.  We have all day tomorrow to get to Sacramento, see the capitol, then get to our friend's house.  Plenty of time and the wind is usually calmer in the morning.  The ride on 89 was so wonderful with the mountains in the background and all the trees.  It ended up being a long way out of our way, but I was glad to be able to see it. 

There is something about California that makes my allergies go crazy.  I have been taking Claritin for two weeks now, but today I am really bad.  The strong winds don't help.  The pollen could have blown in from Kansas with these winds!


Tomorrow we visit the Capitol building in Sacramento. We'll see you there.      
Also, FYI, I wrote an article for Judi Moreo's 'Choices' e-Magazine about delayed gratification. Check it out at 



Mel said...

Congratulations, KP, for having survived traveling with three females for over a year. The ones who really deserve the accolades, however, are QG, Libby and Ethyl... for putting up with a Ranting Raver (or was that Raving Ranter?) for over a year! :)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Don't get Libby Started. And Ethyl avoids me like the plague. QG is to be nominated for saint status upon our return.