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50 States Weekly Wrap-Up, Week 52


How do they get the grass to grow like that? Must be the hot fudge.

Quilter Girl shook like a heroin addict with a needle. 

Apparently the anchor people haven't heard of Rustoleum paint.

Jenny Craig got carried away with this chick.

Modern art. 'Midair plane crash.'

The paddles rotate in the wind and read, 'hate, peace, love, tears...' You have to stop traffic and get in a wreck to read them all.

Seems like everything's blooming in Oregon. 

Clamshells. Beach. Cool. 

Five sequoia trees. Stand in the center, look up and voila, a star. 

First, it's functional. Then it's junk. Next it's an antique. And last, it's dirt. 


1,450        Pounds, Libby fully loaded
650           Pounds, the trailer, for a total of 2,100 #. Over a ton. Sheesh.
41,169      Miles so far
87             National Park Passport stamps
52             Churches visited
44             Capitol buildings toured. Wait, 43. W VA closed on Thanksgiving weekend.
53            We're starting week 53. Yup, five weeks behind. Hurry? What hurry?


I'm not saying redwoods aren't tall. But for their diameter, they are rather short. If they were proportional to lodgepole pines, they would be 700' tall.

Oregon's fuel is 20% cheaper than California's. And they provide a state mandated attendant. The only state that does it. It's stupid and actually slows service.

A tip of the face shield to Oregon, where they put signs up in their fields so we city slickers can see what they're growing. Like turnip seeds. I would never have guessed. It's the field of yellow flowers on a previous post. 

There's different ways of saying I love you. QG's mom and dad said it by driving down to tour with us. Thank you! We love you too.


Hundreds of cars line up on the right lane, apparently for an OSU football game. But you run all the way to the end, then find a slit and turn in. Only you can't fit, so the next lane is backed up for you. You're not just stupid, you're a jerk. Wear the tiara backwards and the sash inside out. So there. 

That's the week! See you next week, and don't forget 'Church Surch,' previous post. Motorcycles in church? Cool.


Mel said...

Redwoods aren't SHORT for their diameter... lodgepole pines are just TALL for THEIR diameter. Those pines need to put on more weight!
Which reminds me of something I discovered recently: My BMI (Body Mass Index)is perfect. I'm just a foot and a half too short!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Sooo... you're more redwood than lodgepole.

Mel said...

You wood have to needle me with such a sappy comment!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I wood. And I nailed it, didn't I?