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50 States Church Surch, Week 53

  Highland Baptist Church

"If you can? Everything is possible to the one who believes." Immediately the father of the boy cried out, "I do believe! Help my unbelief."
~Mark 22: 24

HBC got the two thumbs up, mostly because they featured a bike in the foyer. Today the Oregon Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association appeared at the church and Pink Paul (more on that later) presented their club and opportunities for Christian motorcycle enthusiasts. Being a biker myself, I struck up conversations with Kim, Jared, Mary and her husband Paul. 

The rest of the folks greeted me warmly as well, and I settled into the large sanctuary. The place featured soft green carpet and padded pews, the hbc logo in the front with the words '' below it. Another church standing against capital letters. 

I missed the contemporary service, so I joined the older folks for worship (around three hundred people), singing 'The Lord Liveth,' 'I Will Call Upon the Lord,' and even older songs like 'Blessed Assurance.' We finished up with 'Amazing Grace.' Seven women led, along with three men and a piano. Apparently the guitars and drums work for the contemporaries only. 

The Christian Motorcyclists Association made their presentation, wearing their colors and giving a bit of a countercultural look at hbc. Next Pastor Campbell preached on Doubt. Of interest was his declaration that a third of the Psalms are laments. ("Why, Lord?")

He announced upcoming baptisms at the last service, four people taking the plunge. Pun intended. 

The service ended and people took their time leaving, while the crowd entered the building for the last service. Quite a lot of living going on there. And they have plenty of small groups, missions, classes and counsellors to help the faithful get through life and reach others too. 

Altogether a wonderful church experience. 

Christian Motorcyclists Association

The CMA people prayed for us, for our safe trip. Wonderful people. And in the foyer sat 'Pink Paul's' bike, a very interesting model, as he bought it new in '76, a shovelhead. It was far from original, as he extended, lowered, bored, stroked and raked it. The front wheel, fenders, sissy bar and gas tank were original, although he moved the petcock and fuel filler on the gas tank due to it's extreme angle. Finally, he painted it a nice pink color, drawing speculation from everyone, including me, asking if it was his wife Marky's ride. Nope. It was his design, his color choice. But if they run in a breast cancer fund raising run, chances are he'd be picked for the front bike. I really liked the kick starter, from when men were men. He indicated it had both electric start and the kicker. In those days no one had developed complete trust in electric starters on bikes yet. 

Once again I enjoyed an excellent Sunday, topped with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. When we get home I'll have to look into joining. 

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