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50 States Special Feature

  While waiting for Libby's doctor's appointment, I checked out the plastic and metal art around the shop. Here are a few interesting ones. 

Nice, simple, fast Ducati. And a dry clutch. Why a rattling, banging clutch sounds cool, I don't know. But it's cool. 

Can Am makes quite a few different models. This one's a bit less sporty and more touring. Bags and storage and all. Trikes. Baby Boomers. It fits.

What year is this collector's item? It's brand new! Nice clean 60's (70's?) retro look.

Not a custom. Honda Fury. Fourteen grand. Gorgeous ride.

Ain't that sweet? And those lines, those pipes... magnificent.

Big, big bad boy Kawasaki Vulcan. New look. 

Cute little scooter. Probably can't get out of it's own way. But cute. 

Nice R6. I've got an '05 50th Anniversary retro yellow, but this carbon looking thing is fine. And the redline is somewhere around Saturn.

Another retro, Yamaha this time. Feels like the 80's.

Honda Shadow. Understated beauty. Amazing workmanship. 

Ducati 1 liter plus. Ticket-me-yellow. Hot bike. Must be really hot with the exhaust running under the seat. 

What a wonderful array of beauty. Craig the owner took the time to meet us and said, "It still really is the golden age of motorcycles." I would agree. The manufacturers are making some radical bikes that are truly pieces of art. A tip of the face shield to them! 
And thanks to CalCoast Motorsports for hooking us up. Great job, friends. 



Mel said...

Them thar's some cool lookin' bikes. Libby has good reason to be jealous!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Right. Now she wants a makeover. And no vinyl wrap this time, she wants paint. Nice paint. Peer pressure, jeez. Next time I'm getting her serviced at a lawnmower shop.

Mel said...

Better not! She might fall in love with one of them, and end up with a 1800cc riding mower as their offspring!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Right! A big fat lawnmow-
I did NOT say that.