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50 States, Day 354


Chula Vista to Ventura,  215 Miles

"Everything starts with somebody's daydream."
~Larry Niven

We said goodbye to the kids and grandkids and took off, the smell of spitup lingering from our visit. We rode to Oxnard and I spotted a Honda dealership, so we stopped for a service and air cleaner. So, while waiting for our service, I took the time to interview Libby:
KP:       First, what's your name?
Libby:  Liberty Ann Justice
KP:      For all?
L:         Is that your attempt at humor?
KP:      Sorry. Just thought it would sound clever. (Clears his throat) Libby, I understand you're going in for service.
L:        Yes. I get rather nervous, but today I am particularly afraid.
KP:     Afraid? Of what?
L:        The air cleaner replacement. I haven't done that before.
KP:     You'll love it. Trust me, you'll breathe easier.
L:       Will it hurt? They'll put me out, right?
KP:    Pretty sure they will. They'll disconnect your battery and you won't remember a thing. 
L:      But still... it could hurt. What if they strip a screw or something?
KP:   These guys are pros. Don't worry about it. I'll be close by and I'll be there as soon as you come out. 
L:      You'll wait for me? Just sit in the lounge? Keep the phone on?
KP:   Right. I'll probably check out the bikes too.
L:     Excuse me?
KP:   Yeah, I'll just loo-
L:      You look at another bike and I swear I'll throw a rod. 
KP:    (Laughing)
L:      What?
KP:    Throw a rod  Right. You're a Gold Wing. You'd be lucky to blow a turn signal fuse.
L:       I'll I'll I'll... seize the pistons. I'll cook my clutch.
KP:    Okay, settle down. I'll be good. Let's change the subject. How's the trip going for you, Libby?
L:       Really good- except for towing that hideous trailer. 
KP:    I know, I know. It's the cross you must bear. But you just turned 46,000 miles. What are some highlights of your      trip?
L:       Oh... I loved Washington State. Beautiful winding roads; if it could just stop raining. Idaho was nice too, but cold. 
KP:    Describe your perfect road. 
L:      Well... smooth, for sure. Winding is nice, but not too tight of turns, and no steep downhills. Along a river or lake is pretty, and plenty of trees. I prefer asphalt. Concrete just tears up my tires and those expansion joints. Just too much jarring. 
KP:    So, where on the trip were we on this road? 
L:   Michigan, along Lake Michigan was perfect. 
KP:    How far did we go on this 'ultimate road'?
L:      A hundred feet.
KP:   A hundred feet!
L:      Everything else missed the criteria. 
KP:   (Laughs) Okay. Worst roads?
L:      Minnesota. It had those ridiculous expansion joints, frost heave... potholes... I thought my windshield would vibrate off. 
KP:   Yeah, it was pretty tough. 
L:     And then any dirt road. Minnesota again. What was it? 15 miles of detour on a dirt road? What am I, a KTM or something?
KP:    Oh, here comes the mechanic. Off you go, Libby.
L:      Ooh.. it won't hurt will it?
KP:   Stop whining or I'll call you a scooter.
L:     Better than those sport bikes calling me a truck. Don't look at any other bikes!


Check the previous blog for some awesome pics of new bikes. Don't tell Libby.


Mel said...

If Yosef lived in Seattle and missed a small area when washing the side of his truck, that thick, green spot would be real moss rather than a mere sample of synthetic turf.
That's why I now refer to my gas-powered yard-growth cutting device as a moss mower.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I was just thinking how cool it would be to have an entire synthtic grass truck. Except dogs would probably want to poop on your hood.

Mel said...

Or pee on your tires. Oh!... they do that already, don't they?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Oooh. Libby hates that.