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50 States, Special Edition

Art Special Edition; The Santa Fe Capitol Building

Santa Fe really outdid the other Capitols with their art exhibits, and thus earned a post for today's blog. Below are a few examples of works by local artists.

I'm not a big Impressionist fan, but this caught my eye, as the men's hats resembled the baskets. Even I could figure it out. 

Very nice, colorful, and displayed the Catholic influence.

A bit weird, but cool. Made of sea salt and rock salt, a good work out of unusual material. 

Apparently the sculptor ate at a nice restaurant with many forks when he got inspired. 

I like simple. People working. A nice cross section of the culture.

A bit crude for my taste, but colorful and cultural, QG likes these.

Okay, this is crap. I suppose I didn't peer at it, deep in thought long enough. "What if War Was Not an Option?" was the title. But you figured it out, didn't you? Now I feel ignorant.

I really liked this one. Impressionistic, muted colors but clear, letting the viewer fill in the blanks on a beautiful canyon panorama. 

Very nice religious scene, except the farmer is way bigger than the oxen, and the angel is covering her breasts. The rest is nice, and I like the painting from the field extending onto the shelf, giving it depth. 

"Glow of a Happy Spirit." Okay, the baby is having a nice time being thrown in the air. But why does the Indian have a rock in her hand? Sad landing, I guess.

Art, and a bench that is art. Nice 'Santa Fe' look. 

Drumroll, please. First place, a buffalo made of 35 MM film, paintbrushes, pottery shards, one eye is  a lantern, and the other a fishing reel with a horseshoe surrounding it. Both eyes have clear plastic spoons incorporated into them as well. Very clever, and a good visual of a buffalo using really unusual products. The horns have newspapers with Buffalo headlines. And a clever title, "Buffalo." Who would have thought?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Pam said...

thanks for the tour!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

It was a brief tour! This place teems with art. And much of it is good.