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50 States, Day 340


Carlsbad to Santa Fe,  288 Miles

"I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point."
~Susan Sarandon

A windshield day today, as we left Carlsbad and rode though miles of featureless desert. The yellow grasses extended to the gray clouds as the road cut straight as a razor to another horizon. Little towns, broken down and pathetic, broke the monotony and Roswell proved to be a disappointment. 

Come on, Roswell, UFO capitol! Have Alien Sculpture Contests and the winner gets put on a street corner, or at the county courthouse. Businesses could build them and decorate them accordingly. Imagine a plumbing company making one out of pipe, or a hamburger stand having one holding a burger up. Feature Sci-Fi Film Night every Friday night. Remodel a broken down building with a UFO crashed into the center of it, and actors play it up. You could really draw tourists, instead of seeing them fly through on their way to Carlsbad. Don't make me go down there and run the Chamber of Commerce myself.

Toward the end of our journey the elevation climbed, green shrubs and stunted trees dotted the landscape, and adobe style houses hid in the landscape. Now we're talking, Santa Fe style. 

It sits at 7,000 feet, QG pointed out as I gasped for breath while setting up. How did that happen? We climbed a bit, but wow. No wonder it's going to be thirty six tonight and seventy-one tomorrow. And in typical fashion, we live two days in the past, so we're at a KOA campground, oblivious to the fact that temperatures are twenty to thirty degrees cooler than before. Well, we'll cuddle up tonight.

We set up camp and hustled off to a store for a light bulb and dinner. Oh, my. We ate at   Piccolino Restaurant, and what a delicious event. I enjoyed Filet Mignon, tender, juicy, with soft sautéed mushrooms on it, mixed vegetables on the side, not overcooked, and of course pasta. Exellante! That's Italian for really good. QG ordered Pasta Carbonara and it was a treat too. 

An interesting distraction was the couple at the next table. Apparently they had scheduling issues for a trip with other people and she wanted to know if they cancelled, could they reschedule? I know because for an hour, that's all she talked about, over and over. It was hilarious, but almost crossed over to where I just wanted to tell her to shut up, but we don't listen to THAT voice, do we? I pity her husband.

And now, atsa sweeta gal, Quilter girl!

This campground may be at 7,000 ft and it may be cold outside, but it is a very nice campground.  We have a little oasis in the midst of trees, in case of wind we will be protected.  We will be going to bed early tonight!  I already told Kevin I am not getting out of the sleeping bag until the sun comes up.  Surprisingly we only had a short drive to the restaurant and grocery, it seems like we are out in the boonies.


Tomorrow we tour the Santa Fe Capitol.

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