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50 States, Day 325

Touring San Antonio,   0 Miles

"The task ahead of you is never as great as the Power within you."
~Hunt Bros. pizza box

We acted like cattle today and took a tour. All through the Adventure, we've poked fun at the buses that stop, vomit out fifty people that run through a tour stop, take a dozen pictures and jump back in the bus. However, the tours work well for a number of reasons. You don't have to ride in the city with your wife stressing over traffic, parking, congestion and idiots. You see places you wouldn't tour yourself. You can enjoy the ride during the tour, rather than wrestle your way through traffic. As you ride, the guide fills your head with information that will help you win Jeopardy someday. Like Mesquite Trees suck up all the water, attract bugs, drop crap all over the place and we hate them. Who would have known? I say burn the Mesquites in grills!

We toured the Alamo (a little history there), and the Texians got creamed, because they had 186 people and Santa Anna overpowered them with 3,500 people. Because it wasn't the Informational Age, they didn't realize the Republic of Texas had already declared independence. Oh, for a text message. 

What do you do with an old quarry? Make it into Japanese sunken gardens. Nice. A waterfall dropped into it, filling ponds that swarmed with koi, and beautiful landscaping abounded. Wonder where they got the limestone?

San Antonio featured the River Walk, and we rode though it in tour boats. River Walk. Tour boats. Anyway, it was a gorgeous example of people pulling together and making something beautiful. Way to go, S.A. 

Can't do the South without checking out the missions, so we toured Mission San Jose' and Conception. Amazing to see the work and craftsmanship poured into these facilities, particularly the churches. They took the area to an entirely new level, with agricultural innovations, water powered grist mills, secure villages and aqueducts. 

Finally, we toured the Farmer's Market and QG commented that nowadays they aren't farmer's markets at all, and sure enough, not a fruit or vegetable to be found. But she enjoyed shopping anyway. 

Back to the campground with pizza delivered to our site. How cool is that? Got people stopping by too, asking about the trip and the trailer. Funny, I don't think anyone asks the half million dollar motorhomers about their rigs. 
And now, San Antonio informed, Quilter Girl!

The day was sunny and warm, in the mid 80's, cooler than yesterday's 90's.  It was cool in the morning and the alarm rang early to get us up and going.  We had to be at the office by 8:15 to catch the tour bus.  One of the only disadvantages to the tour for me.  We are not usually up at 7:15, but Kevin's phone worked for once and got us up and going.  I loved the tour, the bus was comfy and air conditioned as we went from place to place, the tour guide was great and knew a lot of stuff.  He did some tour guiding at the stops and some was on our own.  It was a good mix.  We saw the Texas Ranger museum (not the baseball team, the lawmen) that included a replica of Bonnie and Clyde's car that they were shot in.  The Rangers didn't mess around, because they said Clyde was a good shot and you were dead if he shot first.  Very interesting.  Then, after a quick lunch at a sandwich shop we went on to the Alamo.  Did you know that there were some survivors at the Alamo?  I had no clue, but there were some women, children and a freedman who were spared during the slaughter.  

All in all it was a good day.  


Tomorrow, Fredericksburg.


Mel Nason said...

If "the half million dollar motorhomers" had the words "" plastered in large enough print to cover nearly 100% of both sides of their rigs, they probably would get more attention. It's all about marketing, right? I'm just sayin'.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Good point. Libby does stand out. A lot.