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50 States, Day 324


Victoria to San Antonio,  117 Miles

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

We rolled out really late as QG slept in, a wonderful experience for her. We rode south on 59, then north on 289 to 181. Something like that. In fact, the bike was running this morning and I said to QG; "Do we know where we're going?" She pursed her lips in thought. Pause here; we knew we were going to San Antonio, we just didn't know exactly how. We dug out the map and figured it out, a good thing really.

Texas is hopping with oil. Tankers fly down the highways, hauling bubbling crude. And boom areas have boom problems. Truck yard have shops, trailers and RVs parked along one side. Little lodges have popped up with prefab cabins. "RV parks"- vacant lots with utilities- have white trailers jammed side by side. I told Quilter Girl they better pay me good to work me like that and then expect me to live in a little shed. Wait a minute. We're in a tent of our own accord. 

The current KOA campground must be old, because it sits in the heart of town with industrial buildings and new apartments nearby. What's cool about that is you can take a tour. They pick you up at the entry, give you a guided tour and drop you back at the campground. We'll be doing that tomorrow. 

Today got hot- over ninety degrees, and it's funny because hot or cold, you're better off moving on the bike. As soon as we stopped, whew, it heated up. However at the KOA a nice cool pool to stave off the sizzles, and we partook of that wonderful cooling water. 

Because I'm working on the book '50 States in 50 Weeks,' QG and I have been reminiscing about this past year, and what a blessing it has been, with the fine country we've seen, the awesome people we've met and the wonderful experiences we've had. No regrets! 

And now, regret-less cool and refreshed, Quilter Girl!

I am sitting outside in a tank top and shorts.  It is March 18, could it get any better than this?  Tomorrow is supposed to be 84 so it is a good day to see the city.  It was a warm ride, with a late start, but the air is still cool.  

We stopped in Floresville for lunch on our way as we didn't take time for breakfast this morning .  There was a small cafe, Jack's Cafe, where we had a great meal.  Kevin had a Cajun Pork Chop and I had a burger.  It was cool in the restaurant and for the first time we enjoyed it.  We checked the location of the KOA and headed that way.  This is a great place.


Tomorrow we go full-on tourist as we join a group and tour San Antonio. See you there.


Mel said...

If you're planning on heading North on 35E toward Dallas, check out Carl's Corner Truck Stop in Milford, just North of Waco. According to a program I saw tonight on the History Channel, Willie Nelson used to own/operate some businesses there. Not sure if they're still open or not...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Willie Nelson owns it? What's he serve? Medicinal marijuana? Or non medicinal?