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50 States, Day 320

  Baton Rouge, LA to Galveston, TX   282 Miles

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
~Albert Einstein

Another gorgeous day, full sun and calm, seventy degrees. You couldn't ask for anything better, unless it would be for God to hold His hand out to shade your eyes. That's pushing it. 

We rode I-10 all day and while we made good time I missed the road less traveled. Must be an age thing, because the Cumulative Effect of the noise, with big rigs and cars passing at a steady rate drove me crazy. No rural roads in Louisiana however, as the option to the freeway is a swamp. A third of that state is a swamp for sure. And half the freeways are bridges too; their freeway costs must be astronomical. 

Texas greeted us with a Visitor Center with a big star and a swamp-boardwalk-touring place in the rear. Snapping turtles lurked in the water for unsuspecting fishies, while tiny fry swam about in the shallow water a few feet away. 

What's stupider than a toll road? A tool road that doesn't take cash. And what's stupider than that? Ride two miles past the toll road entrance, go left, go two miles, go left two miles, turn right and you've avoided the tolls. Does Texas not get it that the toll road doesn't even support the kiosks? I saw five cars use it in fifteen minutes. Sorry, a little Rant there. 

And contrarily, a Rave; Texas was most friendly with more people than ever honking and waving, whether cars, bikes or trucks. Could be the sun, could be the state, could be the freeway. Who cares? Thanks so much! 

We found the KOA and got pummeled with Spring Break again, and this time mixed with pipeline workers. Every fourth rig was a welder. The place was full-stuffed, and we got a spot in the pavilion on the concrete. I wish we'd get bowling ball sized hailstones or a tornado tonight, since we're under the roof. Okay, maybe not. It doesn't quite feel like camping however. And I bent three spikes trying to stake down the tent.

The showers should be interesting, as they have only one for the men and one women's. Seriously? 

And now, the marathon rider herself (282 miles, come on!), Quilter Girl!

Not much exciting today, except all the waves and honks.  It's really kind of fun!  It was a wonderful ride with the sun shining.  We stopped once to snack and rest our behinds, once at the welcome center, then a third time because Kevin was getting sleepy.  There was a Taco Bell at the exit on the last stop so we grabbed a bite to eat, not trying to do dinner, just a snack, but that was enough until Kevin found the Dairy Queen on his way back from the grocery store (our single light bulb had burned out) so we had a Blizzard for dinner.  Shh, don't tell.


Tomorrow Libby goes in for an oil change, but we'll have something fun for ya. Stay tuned.  


Mel said...

Two things:
1. Are you sure those honking and waving Texans weren't just trying to tell y'all to git yore, um... bottoms outta tham thar ways?
2. Sorry to hear about the bent tent stakes. You should've thought to pack a roto-hammer instead of the sewing machine. No offense to QG and what's her name... oh yeah, Ethyl.

Pam said...

Looks like the folks next to you in the Pavillion have a little fence around their place. Is that to keep a puppy in or the Nevadans out ???

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

They say if it doesn't work, get a bigger hammer. So I got those stakes in. Now I wish Katrina would come back, so I can test them!
And I guess I made quite a racket, because right after I finished, the nieghbor's put up a fence. No sense of community, I guess. Maybe I shoulda not hung my underpants on Libby's mirrors. Oops. TMI again.