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50 States, Day 319

  Baton Rouge to New Orleans... to Baton Rouge  211 Miles

"Kids dream like fish swim."
~Daniel "Rudy" Reuttiger

Yes, we rode to New Orleans and what a bust. No room at the inn. Spring Break. The lady at the Visitor Center gave us a condescending, "It would have helped to have reservations." Well, duh! Thanks for reminding us to close the gate after the horse got out. We rode a bit through town, then back we went to Baton Rouge. 

Louisiana is the land of chemical and petroleum plants and I say God bless them. Pipes and tanks everywhere. Somebody has to do it, and they look like they've got it down. Perhaps we'll move here and sell pipe. 

And water! Between the Mississippi River, the Gulf, swamps, lowlands and waterways, it is one wet state. They should take half the water and give it to Nevada, we'd both be happier.   

While the Mari Gras Capitol was a bust, the ride was excellent- mostly. We chose the road less traveled, 405 which followed the river. It followed a levee, no sight of the river. The road rattled our teeth with potholes, checks, ruts and dips until we veered back to Highway 1, then 61. Outside of that, a fabulous day, seventy degrees, sunny and calm. Rather than get excited about being turned away from New Orleans, we chose to enjoy the ride west on I-10 back to Baton Rouge. 

Just after getting settled in the room, I checked my emails where someone saw the bike, emailed me, I made a phone call and rode to a GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Rider's Association) meeting, and what a treat! MIke and Pam met me and the entire gang treated me like a rock star. Well, not EXACTLY like a rock star. No drugs or sex. Or rock and roll, for that matter. Okay, not at all like a rock star. But they were like family, everyone having a great time and enjoying a common passion.  

I entered the raffle and won a really nice little fountain that should look good glued on Libby's gas tank. Okay maybe not. I donated it back. 

I got to see The Voice, their safety guy, who really got their attention, and everyone left the meeting safer. What a great bunch of friends. 

And now, friendless and alone, but having spent an enjoyable evening chilling at the motel, Quilter Girl!

I may have been alone, but I wasn't lonely as Amy called just after I finished my book, so I got a full report on the twins.  Sammy rolled over earlier today and Sarah managed the same while we were on the phone.  I am anxious to see those guys again.  

When we got up this morning I was not looking forward to New Orleans at all.  I can't explain it as I was excited about going earlier in the trip, but not this morning.  It was a great day for a ride and we did take different routes there and back.  We will take a special trip to New Orleans some time, fly in, stay in the French Quarter and take a tour.  Easier and better for us.  Tomorrow we will head for Texas.


Thanks again to the Tiger Gold Wingers of Baton Rouge for staying awake while I spoke, being super friendly, and all the swag, including Mardi Gras beads. You guys rock!


Tim said...

We sure enjoyed having you at our meeting last night. Wish Quilter Girl could have come with you. We would have loved to meet her too!
Ya'll be safe as you continue on your journey.
Tim Dinnel

Brandy Bockhahn said...

We just passed you guys on i10 near Cove, Texas!!! What an awesome journey you have been on. My husband and I are jealous!!! Safe travels!!!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks! We are having a great time. We're on state 43 and going strong! Thanks for the thumbs up and keep dreaming, but make it a goal.