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The Week in Pictures

Do they take the sign down when Robert isn't there?

"Yeah, we made it all the way over the pass. Didn't even have to chain up."

Quilter Girl doing some enjoyin'.

Yep, February in Florida. Autumn leaves falling.

Libby hangin' with the Harleys.

Model T RV. What can I say? In some respects it's better than the tent.

What's missing? No prices! Just feed cash in until it's enough? Nuh uh.

Sometimes I miss the Yamaha R-6 at home. Redlines at 16 grand. Don't tell Libby.

660 year old oak. Where were you in 1353? It was an acorn then.

Bone stock Victory. Beautiful.

Amazing that Chris Columbus hit America in 1492, and the next explorer in the area was 1512. And nothing much more until 1565. Wow, things moved slower those days.
I'm going to give it up to KOAs once again. They are a cut above the rest. Once again, we stayed at a non KOA and they don't measure up. A tip of the face shield to KOA!
I feel like this week I finally had some personal breakthroughs. Got honest with myself. Won't go into a lot of details, but did some introspection, and saw some things, some good, some not. I have attitude problems, anger issues, and get bogged down in discouragement too easily. Well a first step is identifying, so here we go.
And Dan the Bicycle Man inspired me. Shoot, if he can keep his chin up, why shouldn't I? And not only did he keep his chin up; he was a slice of sunshine to those of us around him.
I've noticed more people with their heads down, texting, or on their cell phones. The younger ones text and all ages are yammering on the phone. Even up to sixties. Get in the moment, people!
Florida reminds me of Las Vegas; slip and fall lawyers everywhere. Not good.
I've read two depressing books in a row. Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises,' a training manual on how to live a pathetic, superficial life as an alcoholic that feels quite autobiographical, and 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', written by a man who wove philosophical babble throughout the story and never told the whole story. He suffered a nervous breakdown in the middle of his life too. This one made me think, however, a very interesting book. But depressing. Going to read a romance next. Okay, maybe not.
I ate the best corn on the cob in my life this week at Bono's Barbecue. They barbecued it in tinfoil with salt and butter. Their slogan? 'If it don't have a pit, it ain't legit.' They had a pit.
2,000          ​ Crocodiles, from endangered and almost extinct to plenty.
100,000​​         Gators. Same only plentier. Plenterfuller? Plentious?
850,000​​        Gallons of rocket fuel to launch one.
4​​        Minutes to consume it all.
300,000​​        Gallons of water put down on launch pad just before firing.
12​​        Men who have walked on the moon.
30,000​​        Miles Libby has traveled on this adventure as of now.
50        ​​Bucks to enter the Kennedy Space Center. Side trips are 25 each.
23​​        Bucks for a three day bus pass in St. Augustine.
Riding along an arterial, I'm in the inside lane and you're just ahead of me in the outside. You drift left to change lanes and I honk to indicate, "Hey! You're coming into my lane!" You swerve back and look in your mirror to see it's only a motorcycle and resume your lane change. Okay, good. You do your lane change and I'll do evasive measures. Jerk.
Next week, we visit more of St. Augustine, then Jacksonville and Tallahassee.
Thanks for tuning in!


Mel said...

So... rockets burn 850,000 gallons of fuel in 4 minutes, or 12,750,000gallons per hour? Even my truck gets better milage than that!

Mel said...

When Robert retires, maybe they'll change the sign to ROBERT WAS HERE.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Long as we don't confuse rockets and Robert. 'Robert consumes 850,000 gallons'... 'Rocket is here.'

Mel said...

Libby could have some serious anger problems once she finds out you like your R-6 more than her. Then, perhaps you could both attend a group together. "Hi, my name is Libby and I hate Kev-, uh, HE has a anger problem."

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I DON'T like the R-6 more than her. I like the R-6. I like her.It's like apples and oranges.