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50 States, Day 264

  Standing Down, Mulberry, Florida

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these."  
~George Washington Carver

Flash back seven years:

"We got this thing," my friend Kevin Mock said. He referred to the off road motorcycle race, 'Vegas to Reno', and our team had 320 miles under their belt. A few more pit stops and we'd finish. 

"Hey man, don't get ahead of yourself. We've done pretty well, but we have 120 miles to go. That's a long way, and anything could happen," I said. I should know. I rode in the chase truck because I broke my collarbone at mile 45. Lots of people had DNF'd this race within fifty miles of the finish. 

However we did finish the race, in spite of Roger taking a trip over the bars too. We depended on Bob, our third rider, to finish. Ironic, really as Bob has a reputation for spectacular crashes. Maybe someday I'll tell you about how he broadsided a cow. Anyway, we ended up winning our class. A race that long is a race of attrition. 

I told you that story because of this story. We're around three fourths through this Adventure, and it feels like we got it. But the reality of twelve states, three months and ten thousand miles, even with seventy five percent of the trip finished, is daunting. The comfortable bubble of warm weather gives us a false feeling of well being too. We'll have to remember the nice temperatures while riding through Oklahoma in March. 

So how are we doing? I've been feeling lonely this week. Makes sense, as we spent last week with four relatives. Not a big deal. QG feels like she could take it or leave it. If we headed home now, that would be okay, but the trip is okay too. I'm looking forward to more riding, more states, more adventure. 
Tomorrow will be our last 'artificial' day, in the condo. We're going to clean out the bike and trailer, toss things, repack and regroup. Hopefully everything will fit.

And now, with another finished quilt top under her belt, Quilter Girl!

As far as getting back on the bike, I am okay with it.  It is an artificial life, but then living at the cabin when we return isn't exactly normal.  Not having a job to go to most days and no schedule is just as unknown as traveling.  Our life will still be full of changes which are never comfortable.

I sewed the last seam in the Irish Chain and it is on the bed for the afternoon.  Happy dance time!  I spent the afternoon searching for the next quilt pattern, the one I promised myself.  A real treat for me as I will be buying all the fabric for this quilt, with a stash like mine that doesn't happen.  Tomorrow, after all the organizing and repacking, I will be looking for fabric.  It is a tough job, but someone has to do it! 


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Mel said...

Two comments:
1. QG, that quilt is absolutely beautiful! You are as creative with fabric as Kevin was with rocks, although he had the advantage of having a few of those in his head for reference.
2. Congratulations on reaching 75% of your goal soon (on the 27th to be exact, but who's counting?) Keep doing what you've been doing... stay focused on enjoying the details of the journey, one day at a time, and you'll come through with flying colors... well, stars and stripes, anyway.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks, Mel! Still an adventure.