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50 States, Day 258

Princess Key, Cruise Day 6

"Peace be with you."
~Jesus Christ

Yes, Princess Cruise Lines bought an island- at least, part of one. Instead of cruise ships wrestling for position, the Grand Princess sets anchor and hauls people to their private beach with tenders (life boats). What a deal.
Today was snorkel day, and Princess delivered. After arriving on the island, we were hustled to a boat and off we went to a coral reef and a real treat. 

I believe when God created the universe, as He got to the sea, He rolled up his sleeves and said, "Now watch this. It's going to be fun." Amazing to float above water, the sea all blue and the sky as well. Then dip below and wow! Fish of every imaginable color, swimming among beautiful reefs. Yellow and silver checkerboard fish, pale lavender with bright blue edges that look like God used a highlighter, blue with orange and yellow tails, and a silver fish that looks like a broken ruler swim among one another and allow the interlopers to see their world. 
Some are medium sized in schools; others travel alone, slipping in and out of crevices. One has what looks like a snake hanging from his chin. What an amazing world, below ours. 

I tried a couple of dives, but since it's been a few years, was uncomfortable with the dives and contented myself to mostly float face down and enjoy the view. Another snorkeler dove down and grabbed a large rock for ballast and stayed below for a minute or so, amazing. Then he dropped the rock and floated to the surface.
The boat had brought around a dozen of us and we could float and dive without bothering one another, and the fish seemed content with our numbers. I clicked a few shots with the camera, but took it back to the boat, afraid it would leak. 
The snorkeling was scheduled for an hour, plenty of time, as the combination of drinking bits of seawater and rocking to the waves sent me to the boat, and within a few minutes the entire group returned, animated and amazed at the fabulous treat. As the last swimmer boarded, Jimmy, the boat captain sang a local song about the wonderful life he lives in the Caribbean, and thank God for the beauty He provides. 

We ran back to the island and I hung there a bit, reading, touring and drying off a bit. Then back in the tender and off to the ship, and a great time was had by all. 

Today is the final day of our cruise, and a fitting end. Many others groaned at their immediate future; Salt Lake City, five degrees, Nebraska, nine degrees, Pennsylvania, recent snow, Ontario Canada, snow. We however will stay South and hang onto the warm part of winter. 

While I have loved this time, a great break from the Adventure, I am looking forward to getting on the scooter again tomorrow and head out on the highway, looking for adventure, whatever comes our way.
Yeah, we're gonna make it happen...     


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