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50 States, Day 259

  Ft. Lauderdale to Mulberry,  231 miles

"A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world."

Since we rode to Mulberry in central Florida to a condo (courtesy of my in-laws, than you very much!), we'll wrap up the week with a weekly wrap up. But first:

We're going to stay at the condo for a week and do day trips from here. Phill and Amy Thorleifson will stay with us until Tuesday, then return to Seattle. Can't wait to get back to the rain. Okay, maybe not.

If you haven't taken a cruise, I highly recommend it. And we're extremely happy with Princess. This was our third cruise, and Phill and Amy's 12th. The service is first class, with the wait staff on hand to keep you in food and comfort, while the stewards tidy up the room in your absence- and not just once a day, either. Thanks to Yohanna and JP, our wait staff, and Onie, our steward. Most excellent! 

The shows are very good, I'd say not quite excellent, but I'm from Las Vegas, the high bar standard. But for the cruise line to provide two shows a night of entertainment, two to three times a night, is very satisfying. 
And while I complained about running around islands on busses and not really seeing them, it was a nice overview of the areas. And the trip, with it's deep blue seas and lush landscapes, met our expectations. And there's nothing like sitting on your little deck and seeing just sea and sky. 
Most people were grousing about going home (present company excepted!) and that's a good thing too. Comedians say you should always leave them wanting for more. 

And now, rested, tanned (okay, maybe not) and ready, Quilter Girl!

A cruise is a whole bunch of luxury all at once.  I am not a gourmet foodie or anywhere close to it, but the food on a cruise ship is so good!  Plus when you are traveling with relatives, you can try all sorts of new things as the dishes go around the table.  The women in our group also discovered a wonderful cafe on deck 5 for lunch that had four great salads, including a wonderful apple, chicken, cashew selection that was my favorite.  They offered a soup choice and a whole selection of desserts.  I have trouble with  the buffet because I don't stop when I should, so this was a great choice when dinner was only three hours away.  I really didn't want to be full before dinner, they were too good to ruin.  When we go out to dinner, we normally only order an entree, on board the ship  we sampled appetizers, soups, salads, wonderful entrees and very, very delicious desserts.  There was, lobster, mussels, prime rib, New York steak, salmon,every kind of fish imaginable, turkey dinner, chicken fixed all sorts of different ways, plus a vegetarian entree every night.  It is incredible. I walked every day and took the stairs 95% of the time so I can eat.  It is a good trade off.  With six of us in our group, there was always someone else to do things with.  

I did almost nothing on this trip, it was great!  One of the best things to do is watch tv (football in my case) or movies under the stars.  There was a huge screen above one of the pools, so you could lounge on the chaises, sit in the hot tub, sit at a bar or swim in the pool and enjoy a show.  What a way to live!  


Finally, I want to shout out to my mother-in-law, Amy Thorleifson for letting me use her Wifi time while on the cruise. Saved us a couple hundred bucks. Stay tuned tomorrow for the Church Surch and week in Pictures. See you then!


Mel said...

If we ever cruise together as couples, you two pay your cruise fares and the meals (as long as they are from the buffet, cafe or one of the main dining rooms) are on me, okay?
I've observed many people eating on cruise ships, and they appear to approach it more like grazing than dining...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The only thing that saved me from looking like Jabba the Hut is those stairs. It's like living on a ten story building. So no elevators. THAT'S the reason I ate like a hog. Oh, no. I can't see my feet!