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50 states, Day 250

  Tampa, FL 0 Miles
"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent."
~Dalai Lama

Since we couldn't bring much clothing on the Adventure, we knew we'd have to buy some for the cruise. Then afterwards, what? Probably get rid of them, ship them home, replace older stuff with newer and purge...or...thrift stores!

Yes, find some suit jackets ($7), shirts ($3), ties ($2) and skirts and dresses (don't know-the ADD kicked in and I was outa there!) and we are hooked up for the fancy schmancy dinners. And now time for a Rant. No, two.

First, why do we have to dress up for dinner? For one thing, it's the most dangerous place to put your best clothes-in close proximity to food. The chances for failure are tenfold. Perhaps we should dress up for the pool. No, that wouldn't work either.

Secondly, why ties? I could see a tie if you used it for a handkerchief (and trust me, it doesn't go over well) or to wipe food off your face, or the plate but I'm convinced ties cut off circulation to the brain. Take Congress for instance. Please take them. But they have the most ties per capita and the least logical results. I rest my case.

Yes, QG and her mother went shopping and dragged me along. "Yes, I love it. That's good. Oh, that one's fine." I realized that I DON'T CARE about clothes. I suffered through finding clothes for me...but then-I found The Jacket. And The Shirt.

But would the girls agree to buy them? Nooo. So I headed to the rental car to my iPad. Yep, that's how desperate I was-went to the iPad. I read a book, wrote in my journal, checked e-mails... moved to another thrift store...and again....

At one, another Beat Down Man hailed me: "Your wife in there?"
"Oh, yeah."
"We are lame and beaten down, aren't we?"
"Oh, yeah."

But the women showed and even got clothes for us, so who are we to complain? And without QG, I'd look like a man that lost a fight with a food processor.

Actually I got a lot done. And for around a hundred bucks QG and I will be stylin'. Enough grousing. I won't even mention the rainstorm. The heavy rainstorm.

We got some beach walking in, and chillin' at the condo, enjoying the surf and sand and beautiful views. Almost found my beach today.

And now, shopped and happy, Quilter Girl!

I feel like a victorious conquerer!  We found a Goodwill only 6.5 miles away.   My mother spotted a small thrift store first so we started there.  I scored a long black suede skirt for $2.50 and a paperback for 50 cents.  

The Goodwill turned out to be huge so we grabbed a cart and headed straight for the men's section where Mother took stuff off the hangers and Kevin tried on jackets, then shirts.  He tried on a couple pairs of shorts while we looked at ties.  I found new dress socks and he was back with a pair of khaki shorts.  We finished him with a pair of black shorts and shoes.  Two jackets, two dress shirts, two casual shirts, two ties, a pair of shoes and three pairs of socks.  Then we started on the women's section and soon had the cart piled high.  Mother tried on blouses as I whipped shirts on and off, looking for clothes fancy enough for dinners and formal nights.  I found a black camisole, a black t-shirt, a nice stretchy shirt from Chico's, a black and white fun shirt, a fancy grey and black shirt, and a white tee with cherries embroidered on it. We went to the St. Vincent De Paul to find two suitcases and a dress and jacket that I loved all for $31.00.  In four hours or so we got a week's worth of clothes.  This is the most clothes we have owned in a long time!

Tomorrow, the search for my beach!
See you then.



Mel said...

That sport coat looked perfect on you, with only one exception... the sleeves were a fraction of an inch too short. Oh, and the trousers... about 18 inches too short.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Everyone's a critic. It was perfect, I tell you.