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50 States, Day 249

  Tampa Florida, 2.7 miles
"The imagination exercises a powerful influence over every act of sense,
thought, reason,--over every idea."
~Latin Proverb

Funny, we're on this adventure and it is an amazing time, traveling and seeing so much of America. Yet we don't sit still much. Today after a beach walk, breakfast, some writing and reading, I was rattling around the condo wondering what to do next. Still unable to find that beach, I guess.
After lunch I heard music below. That's right, the front desk had a sign about a 'meet and greet.' So why not do some meeting and greeting? I went to the pool deck area and climbed into the hot tub. Met two girls there (Jill and Christine), and what do you know? Fellow bikers! And one of their passions is the Ride for the Cure, to raise money for breast cancer. Once a year they put together a ride, and raise money for Susan Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation. And even though their group is from Iowa (not really large), they raise some real money.

The band was actually a guy with a recording device and an electric guitar. He played a plethora of songs from the Charlie Daniels' 'Devil Went Down to Georgia,' some Ozzie Osborne, '60s songs, and even 'Sponge Bob Square Pants', the chicken song, and finally YMCA, a terrible song to finish the event, as it stuck in my head for hours. Aaah!
I called the bike shop in Ft. Lauderdale and it looks like they will hook us up during our week at sea.
Time for more relaxing and I guess it's like racing motorcycles; I'm just going to have to train. Study Corona commercials. Move. More. Slow. Ly.

And now, sand between her toes and a relaxed smile on her face, Quilter Girl!
We walked a long ways on the beach this morning, regretting the sweatshirt halfway through.  It is so amazing to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in January.  Two days ago we were moving the bike to melt the frost on the seats.  Now we are enjoying the sunshine.
We took a quick trip to McDonalds because I had a yen for fast food, as there will be none of that when my parents come.  My father is on a strict diet and my mother doesn't do fast food and never really has.  I had to try a McRib, it was great and so was getting out a bit.  Tomorrow we will find a thrift store or two to find some cruise clothes as we couldn't drag those around the country for just one week.  

When we exited Mickey D's I thought there was a fire, but it was... fog! Never seen fog roll in mid day. And having lived in Las Vegas for sixteen years, that's how long it's been since encountering the low clouds. Oh, we must have seen fog at some stage...

Tomorrow (brace yourselves, it's going to be SO MUCH fun!) we may shop for cruise clothes for me. Boy. I can hardly wait. See ya then! And thanks for following.


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