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50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 32

  Week 32


 The Dressing Room

 Nice trikes! No, not ready for one yet. Funny we started with trikes, then bikes...

"I thought my life as a Christmas stocking would be hanging on the mantle, the kids looking for candy and presents..."
No, your short, pathetic life is hanging on the side of a bike in a hurricane. You're soaking in a thunderstorm right now.  And we already lost your buddy!

I like it. Look three times.

"Hon, what's for dinner tonight?"
"Chicken. It's out on the porch."
"Why not some duck?"
"Okay. Front yard." First house I saw in Arkansas.

George Washington Carver, a recycler. Wonder if he separated his plastic and paper.

He tuned in, do you? Do I?

 Old school Suzukis. Ring a ding ding. And that lovely smell.

 So I can photograph the stained glass in the National Quilt Museum. Can I photo quilts in the National Stained Glass Museum?

The rock that Little Rock is named after. Okay, maybe not.
Give it up to the Midwest for thunderstorms. 1:30 a.m. and bam! Huge thunderclaps that dissipate but don't really stop, then another crash. And rainfall like someone up there is throwing it down.

Ever notice that motel housekeepers won't make eye contact? Like it's a caste thing. I always try to be friendly to them.

Ever wonder why ice machines in motels are so lame? The ice melts in twenty minutes. My friend Joe from Rebel Refrigeration (a little product placement there) says the ice cubes are small, and they can't get them too cold or they'll form a huge frozen blob.

And isn't it weird how banks, gas stations, motels, and convenience stores bunch up? You'd think they'd want to distance themselves from each other and get more clients.

Have you ever thought about how convenient it is to fuel? Slide the card, gas it up, get a receipt and go. Amazing. And if you think about it, stupid ignorant people are successfully handling flammable liquids. You'd think we'd have to take a class. Or at least read the twenty-eight warning labels on the pumps.

And the stores have somehow gotten the credit card process accelerated. One reason is you slide the card yourself. Also, you can slide the card before they're done ringing up your stuff. Even faster.

Whenever I see three people manning a hostess counter at a restaurant, I figure they're wasting money.

And here's one you wished I never told you: If you're in a McDonald's and six beepers are squawking and no one is shutting them off, it is mismanaged. People simply aren't getting the job done. And on a personal level, the beeping drives me crazy. You probably never noticed and now you will. Sorry. Okay, maybe not.

12​​​ Presidential Libraries in the country.
2.94​​​ Price for regular gas. Thought I'd never see a two ​​​again.
71​ ​​Highest temp this week. Awesome and fun.
34​​​ States.
78​​​ Keys on this wireless keyboard. It's late and I can't ​​​sleep.
20​​​ Keys that I never, ever use.
A two lane rural highway. I'm going my standard fifty-nine and a tractor trailer catches up to me.  On a hill, they installed a slow lane, so I get over to let him by, and you, behind him. The truck passes me, but slow down. Now I'm slowing down before I notice you're slowing down, so I throttle up, run out of lane and slide over in front of you. Another half mile and you pass me. Wake up, Dude!
Stay tuned tomorrow for both the Capitol tour and the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. Perhaps we can check out some books...



Mel said...

You probably shouldn't check out any books from the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, Kevin. You never know who's been under those covers!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

All these years and I'm thinking of cigars and stained dresses. Jeez.