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50 States, Day 224

  Day 224 Fayetteville to Little Rock,   205 miles
"You don't get to choose how you are going to die.  Or when.  You only decide how you are going to live."
~Joan Baez

We loaded the wet bike, the clouds low and generous with their moisture. We headed out on the 'road less traveled' and I did something I hadn't done the entire trip.

Turned around.

Between the late start, the distance and the threatening black clouds in the mountains ahead, after a quarter mile we turned and took the highways, 540 and 40 to Little Rock. The back way looked to be damp and cloudy, so off to the Interstates. No regrets. But for a week you may call me a wiener.  Not too bad, the Saturday traffic being light and the clouds lifted a bit. Today may have held another first, as our average speed for the day, including a rest stop and a fueling, was an amazing fifty miles per hour! I know, it's amazing. Arkansas seems to resemble Minnesota, as lakes and rivers abound. And as we closed in on Little Rock, we saw green grass for the first time in months. The clouds abated and Mr. Sun, our friend shone and the temperature climbed to seventy-one. We must be getting south.

The coupon book indicated Quality Inn would be a good choice, so we rode through LR a bit and found the place, always a bright spot in the day for us. QG rooted around in a dining guide, and we found a barbecue place a quarter mile away. Shoot, we'll walk.

As we approached, the parking lot looked dilapidated, the building rather run down. And the sign read, 'Sims Bar-B-Que. Since 1937.'
I got a good feeling.

We walked in and except for one waitress, were the only white people in the building. A sign at the counter read something like: "Bring in your hen, ducks or turkeys for your Christmas dinner between 7-9 a.m Dec. 23rd."
I got a great feeling.

Oh, yeah. We both ordered the ribs with fries, baked beans and cole slaw. Was it good? It was a nine napkin dinner. Fall off the bone ribs, sweet cole slaw, tasty beans and even the white bread, sopped in barbecue sauce, tasted like a redneck's dream come true. We have died and gone to bar b heaven. Slather on some hot barbecue sauce and you're enjoying one fine dinner. Oddly the service was great. Usually when a restaurant has lighter attendance, the service suffers. But our waitress was there, serving without stalking. And whoever said you can't lick your fingers?
Quilter girl's taking tonight off, but she'll be back.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Church Surch, where I broke the Man Code and ASKED SOMEONE where we could find a good church. The nice lady from Sim's gave us a flyer. How cool is that? She keeps church flyers at the restaurant. Once again, it's walking distance too. And another Baptist church. I need to find Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Christ and Pentecostal.

Speaking of churches, we saw a Second Baptist Church sign this week. I always joke about 'First Baptist.' I say, "What about the seconds?" How about that.

Tomorrow we'll provide The Week in Pictures too. Can't wait!


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