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50 States, Day 212

  50 States, Day 212 Barbourville W VA to Frankfort, KY  201 Miles

"Courage is knowing what not to fear."

"We're headed to Frankfort, right?" Quilter Girl pulled on her (PP!) Gerbing pants. 
"We better look at the map."

A typical start to our typical day; we have an idea of where we're going, but no idea on exactly how.  Not a bad thing really, unless we took off before coming up with a plan. 

Blues skies, sunshine and a high predicted of 57 degrees. Not bad at all. We loaded up and left, following 60 West with its numerous turns and junctions through little towns. And then we no longer rode on W 60, but N 23. What? Then a wonderful propitious thing happened as we stopped to study the map, and I promised QG she could write about it.  

We u turned and backtracked for ten miles or so, stopping at a war memorial we missed when going the wrong way. I pointed to the lists of casualties and said, "They sure don't have near as much as West Virginia."
QG replied, "This is a county memorial." 

Dur and wow. It was a pretty good memorial until I realized the county erected it. Excellent job, Greenup County. 

Off again, and with a closing speed of a ninety miles an hour, we ran head on onto clouds (clouds, 31 mph, us 59.) The little caravan went from warm and balmy 57 to overcast, then rain, cooling to 48. Yikes! QG wisely suggested we stop and plug in the suits. Smart girl.  

With the rheostats set to low, we rocked onward, West on 64, traffic rather light, probably due to the Monday after Thanksgiving. After a few miles I asked QG to turn me up a bit. (She always turns me on, but once in awhile I have to ask her to turn me up.) Next the raindrops fell, light and with our speed and excellent fairing, we stayed dry without resorting to rain suits. We made good clothing decisions today, more important when riding in inclement weather. 

Enter state 32! Kentucky, famous for horses, bluegrass, (the grass and the music) whiskey, and Daniel Boone. Don't forget Fort Knox, Lincoln's birthplace, the Corvette factory and museum. And QG would slap me if I neglected to mention touring the quilt museum in Paducah. Sounding like fun!

We just have to get past the snow predicted for tomorrow morning. Nothing, hopefully... an inch or so, 34 degrees. We'll start late or stand down. Cross that bridge tomorrow. 

And now, with the story you've all been waiting for, Quilter Girl!

We were riding on West 60/North 23 when I noticed that there were no more W 60 signs.  This always makes me nervous as it is real easy to lose a highway so I suggested we stop to take a look at the map.  Kevin pulled over at a wide spot in the road, we took our helmets off and got our  drinks out of the cooler when a car pulled up behind us.  

David (he introduced himself) came up to us saying he couldn't believe he was meeting us, he has been following the blog since before we left in April.  He had been out of town for Thanksgiving and just read that we were in Barbourville, headed to Kentucky.  He had been at his daughter's house just heading home when he saw the trailer up ahead.  It must have been a God thing as we were indeed lost so David got us back on track. And he pulled up when we were fifteen miles off track! I do have to say, you made our day, David.  We were honored to meet you. It feels like we are doing more than just keeping a trip diary!  Thank all of you who take time to read this blog, it means so much to both of us.


The capitol tomorrow, weather permitting. We'll see. 


Tim Rockstar said...

I think you should play a nayional game of hide and seek. If anyone runs into you guys, and can name the first picture of yesterdays post, you buy them lunch. You will have desparate fans posted at every state capitol and quilt shop...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

That's a great idea!
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