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50 States The Week in Pictures, Week 30

50 States, The Week In Pictures, Week 30

 George and Martha with the kids. Wait a minute. They didn't have kids. Posers!

 The heated seats only work when the bike is running. Pity.

Coal country.

 "Billy can you spell rake?" "R A K E." "Do you know what a rake does?" "Rake?" Do you know what an onomatopoeia is?"

 Black Friday at the cemetery. No lines, however.

 A manger scene with two reindeer, two angels and an empty manger. Come on! Where's the elves?

Take your fig leaves and get out! No wonder they look so sad.

In many states, smoking is forbidden in the factory. In West Virginia it's mandatory.

 'Sanitation-Farm Supplies' written in rust.

Kids (shudder) at George's place.
Funny when the vehicles are all traveling on the same freeway; a tractor trailer with a solo driver, a car with Mom and Dad and the kids, a motorcycle with a couple. Everyone's going somewhere, some working, some vacation, some commuting. Yet everyone's attitude is up to them. The trucker could bemoan his lot, while getting paid to drive in comfort. The Dad could be going crazy with the kids' noise. The couple on the motorcycle whining about the weather. It doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing, it matters who they are.

Speaking of freeways, they aren't too bad when no one's on them. And on T'day, no one is on them.
Have you noticed most Stupid Drivers of the Week are mostly hurrying, breaking laws to save a few seconds? This week's are particularly stupid. We all need to slow down!

God bless the folks that have to work on holidays. Never thought about motel people; only retailers. And this Black Friday on Thursday night? Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving Day and keep Black Friday on Friday? Guess it doesn't matter to me. I'll never do it.

I'm leaving Kroger's parking lot, searching for a laundromat, and you're going eight miles an hour. What’s the trouble? You crawled through the left turn light and two cars behind us got stuck thanks to you. I pull up alongside, and you're a woman. Texting. 50 years old. You need to be slapped. But you got second place!

Three lanes of heavy traffic, and behind us comes an ambulance, siren screaming. Cars (and bike) move aside, and it goes through in the center lane. But you, on the side road, are in SUCH A HURRY that you turn left in front of the ambulance. You could have even turned left into the inside lane, but you enter the center one. Wear the sash for a week. And the tiara. Oh, you're a guy? All the better you wear the tiara.

That's a wrap! See you next week as we finish W VA and do Kentucky, and hopefully the Corvette factory.
And this is blog number 600! Wow. Don't miss Church Surch, previous post.


Mel said...

That GW seat looks awful cold. You must have had frost-sting on your buns until the heat kicked your a.., I mean... kicked on in your seat!

Mel said...

Cemetary Spaces 1/2 Off? It must be a sinister plot! After all, undertakers know people are just dying to go there...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

You know how you gett caught up in things. I'm thinking,, "Cemetery spaces half off? Let's move in!" You know Americans, just can't wait for stuff.

Mel said...

Many couples are now going for the 'twofer' deal. You know... two people in one plot. The first one in always gets the bottom.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yeah. I call that one, 'The Double Whopper with Cheese.'