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50 States, The Week In Pictures, Week 29

  50 States, the Week in Pictures

I'm holding out for a half of a percent.

 The mobile office. Or mobile GPS. Where is that motel anyway?

The mobile lunch room. NOT the Roach coach.

In 1897? How can they know for sure? On a building in Annapolis.

The British Governor displayed over 500 weapons to show their massive strength. Then the Americans procured them. Showoffs paid the price.

Biker trash paying the price.

A cultural clash.

A rhino record player. Oh, go ask your grandfather. This is called American Folk Art.

Quilter Girl being Quilter Girl.

I thought Louisiana was lower and a bit to the left. Must've moved it.
And now,
Interesting when we have no room and just the two of us. I went to K-Mart and bought AA batteries for the keyboard. And that's it. When have you ever not bought something else when shopping? However, I went to a gas station and had a HANKERING for a Hostess Cupcake.
Since we've lived in Seattle (rain) and Las Vegas (no rain), I had no idea that autumn could be so dry. It rains occasionally and then stops. I had no idea. Figured it would rain all fall.
A year is a long time. Been tougher a few days this week. Cold. Alone. Wah. Okay, over it.
I ride toward (okay sometimes in) the median to stir up the leaves. Locals must snort and say, "Las Vegan, for sure." Sure is pretty, but I would hate to rake them up! Speaking of that, people blow them off the sidewalk and into the street. Don't they just blow back?
I know I said it before, but the French made the difference between independence and failure. The next time I see Eric Peronard (the only Frenchman I know); I'm going to kiss him on both cheeks.
We're staying at the Budget Inn, an off track little private motel. Great value. For $52, we get the room (obviously) with fridge, micro, slider with forest view, king size bed, and effective wifi. And (drum roll please), a water wasting shower! Oh, hallelujah! When the world runs out of water and container ships are aground a thousand miles from the coast, feel free to blame me. Love those things.
And a surprise. For forty years, I understood you needed a hard bed to keep from your back seizing up. This bed is so soft, our noses stick out of the fitted sheet like two masts of a ship that's sinking. And both our backs? Just fine.
3.17​​Dollars a gallon for fuel. Is this localized, or did they drop after the election? Oil company conspiracy to swing the
36.17​​ MPG. I thought it would improve with a new air cleaner. Nope.
29 ​​ Weeks completed
56​​ Stamps in our 'National Parks Passport' book.
50 ​​ Stamps in a year, we get a license plate frame from ​​
30 ​​ States visited
316​​ 50 States blog posts
5​​ States story posts from '50 Stories in 50 States'

Rush hour in Fredericksburg. You're sitting in the left turn lane, at a red light. ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU ARE GOING TO RUN OUT OF GAS! LIKE IMMEDIATELY! Quick, don't turn left and find a place to turn around. Just whip it to the right past two right lanes and pull into the gas station. It's worth jeopardizing yours and everyone else's safety for a few seconds. Here's your sign.
And that's a wrap. Next week we'll visit Mount Vernon with our friend Pam Thomas, then off to West Virginia. See you there!
And don't forget Church Surch, the previous post.


Mel Nason said...

I'll bet Eric Peronard would say, "Go ahead... kiss my, um... cheeks."

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Very funny, Mel. Eric is French, so he probably wouldn't be mortified. He's the owner of the Endurocross series, and I had the privilege of installing the nasty rock obstacles at the Las Vegas rounds in the Orleans Center. He also owns the Bercy Supercross in Paris. I think any other motorcycle promoter would probably smack me if I kissed them on both cheeks!
By the way, after we set up the courses he always asks me if I'd like to take a lap on them. I'm always good for an adventure, but no way! It is insane.