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50 States, Day 205

50 States, Day 205 Williamsburg to Alexandria, 151 Miles
"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."
~Louisa May Alcott

We rode from Williamsburg to Alexandria. It was stark and gray. The End.

Okay, the ride really wasn't much, as the trees bore more bark than leaves, and the sky stubbornly remained pewter gray. However, there were two very bright spots in the day, both of them people, and both lessons in Customer Service.  We loaded up our stuff, QG jamming bags and sewing gear into the trailer while I crushed electronics and daily usage in the trunk. We geared up and just about launched when...
Raymond walked over to us. He's the manager of this fine, humble motel. He knew we were checking out, and brought the bill by for us. How cool is that? I told him we trashed the room pretty good and get ready to call his insurance company. Okay, maybe not. Actually I said that, but all in fun. Raymond told us how he appreciated us frequenting his place and wished us well. And then he didn't go over and check the condition of the room. Give it up for Raymond, above and beyond!

We headed out of town, followed 60, then Highway 1, and stopped in Stafford for lunch. QG was cravin' Mexican, so we pulled in to Carlos O'Kelly's.
I expected corned beef and cabbage enchiladas. Boiled potato tacos. "Shore'n can I take your order...Amigo?" But no, it was pretty much Mexican, and not at all Irish. Then our server spoke with a Virginia accent, y'all.
Another Great Customer Service Experience. You can only do so much as a server, right? Be prompt but don't hover, be friendly but don't stalk. Refill the sodas, but don't run a hose from the
machine. Our waitress did all the dos and none of the don'ts. But then, she listened to us. QG is like the 50 States Ambassador. She gets started, and tells people IN DETAIL about the trip. But people, especially women, listen and share too. We had arrived after the lunch rush, so our
waitress (yeah, I didn't say 'server, how un-PC. But I said 'she' so there!) took the time to talk and listen, and offered us dessert. QG explained that since they fed us like American restaurants, we had plenty to take home and would probably finish it off at dinnertime. She brought boxes. But then, when she ran our ticket, she brought back chips and salsa to go, saying, "Now you won't have to get anything else to eat tonight for sure."

How cool is that?

She probably gave us eight cents worth of chips, as they buy them by the railroad carload, and a quarter's worth of salsa. But what a difference! Way to go. And no, I don't know her name.
Which brings up the question: Do you like the server to tell you their name? I'm schizophrenic about it. Sometimes I think it's okay, and other times it feels silly. Once in awhile a server will not introduce herself and when she leaves I'll hold my hands to my cheeks and say, "Horrors! She didn't tell us her name! How can we have a pleasant dining relationship?" QG rolls her eyes and DOESN'T SAY, "What a goofball." But I think she thinks it.

Anyway, two wonderful people who went an extra step or two to provide extra service. And I say thank you. Great job.

And now, better served than many a day, Quilter Girl!

It was a very grey day.  Sunshine makes everything look better, I am finding out.  There are not many pictures today as nothing seemed very photogenic.  We rode on backroads for the most part, but they were straight, flat with small, old houses.  I looked and looked for a nice barn or something, but didn't find much.

Our lunch was wonderful, Kevin had a pasta dish and I had a pulled chicken wrap with rice.  Both were very tasty.  For the first time I was sorry that we couldn't come back to try something else on their wonderful menu.  I love finding great places like this.  

A quilting report--I was able to get 4 more rows on my Irish Chain quilt for a total of 8 rows out of 12.  One more quilting day and I should be done with this top.  I love the way this is coming together.
Tomorrow, George Washington's place. I know, the movie is out about Lincoln, but George deserves some attention too.


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