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50 States, Day 198

  50 States, Day 198  Hagerstown to Annapolis   155 miles
"It is as easy to create a castle as a button.  It's just a matter of whether you're focused on the castle or a button."
~Ester Hicks - Abraham

 "Pow!" It sounded like a gunshot. QG cried out as I peered at the tractor trailer beside us. Sure enough, the rear tire blew, fortunately on the opposite side. We've all seen the remnants of those blown tires and it can be not pretty. I throttled and got ahead of him so he could get to the shoulder.

Except for that uncrisis, today passed as a pleasant and beautiful ride. First, however, off we went to Wilson's Quilt Shop, who claimed to be the Best Quilt Shop in the Area. Well, QG, who is an expert, wasn't impressed. They were having classes (hence the fully packed parking lot), but didn't provide a good selection of fabric.

Stupid me, instead of saying, "I'll be walking around the neighborhood while you shop," I got the bike parked and went on walkabout. One thing led to another and upon re-entry found an upset Quilter Girl, waiting at the bike. This wasn't the first time, but she wished it were the last. "At least bring your phone." Oops.

We, down Highway 40, a couple others, 495, 214, and a few other roads to get to our destination, once again a map would show a line that looked like it was drawn by a fellow with Parkinson's disease having a seizure while sneezing. And except for some freeway, the trip was rural, casual and beautiful.

While autumn finishes up her work, the trees nevertheless decorate the landscape with rust, cinnamon and brown sugar. And a few times we rode through the leaves, just like in the commercials. And the Red Maples are in full color of-you guessed it-red. A few bright yellow trees hang on too. Not to mention the 'Baby Bear' weather. Just right.

Searching for a motel, we continued east until we ran out of road at the Chesapeake Bay. What a lovely place to live, with older homes, well kept, at a dead end with gorgeous views. But no motel.

We finally reverted to stopping, firing up the hot spot and using (PP!) Priceline to find a Best Western. A fellow biker, in an act of kindness, stopped to see if we were okay and gave us directions to the (PP!)Best Western.  He rode a Harley, so it just goes to show that bikers hang together, no matter what make or model. But I wonder what would have happened if I rode a scooter...

And since we were stuck next to a mall, we broke our 'avoid chain restaurants' rule and stopped in at Buffalo Wild Wings, for Wing Monday. Five for three bucks. And I can get away with gawking at TVs there, because QG gawks just as much. We watched the trivia game and a tennis final.

And so, winged (winged?) and ready, Quilter Girl!

It was a nice day, high 60's and sunny in the afternoon.  We were overdressed this afternoon, but I think that we dress for the day before.  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 48 with rain predicted for tonight.  What a change!
Kevin complained about the lack of choices on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings, but what we ordered tasted wonderful.  I was glad that we picked that restaurant.  Their onion rings and boneless wings are the best, as far as I am concerned.
As for the quilt store, I enjoyed the store and found a couple of pieces for the 50 states quilt.  I got a piece of sea grass for Delaware and a navy and tan piece that says "all men are created equal" for Antietam.  I was very glad to find both of those as I have had trouble finding winter type beach fabric.  As for quilting on Sunday, I was able to put together 4 of the 12 rows for the first Irish Chain quilt along with 7 more chain blocks.  Two more Sundays and I should have a completed top.  
Tomorrow we tour the Capitol. We blew off the Harley factory tour as it was closed today due to Veteran's Day. Gotta keep moving.


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