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50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 28

  50 States The Week in Pictures, Week 28

 Lt. General John Wilson O'Daniel served in WWI, WWII, Korean War and Vietnam. Talk about born at the wrong time.

Quilter Girl doing some bidness.

 We need more of these signs!

 Horribly ironic. A pacifist church, right in the center of action at Antietam.

 Antietam collateral damage? Nope. Worn out barn.

 Thousands of Americans died to take control of this bridge. South and North.

 Suicide doors, how cool is that? '51 Studebaker Commander.

 Eating outdoors. These people are not from Las Vegas.

 Front yard? What's that?

 This is a sign from God. Head South.
And now,
God bless Juanita at Bob Evans Restaurant. You work x amount of hours anyway, why not spend them being pleasant?
Thank God we haven't fought, whether civil war or otherwise, on American soil since 1864.

The election is over, and I say, "Thank God." And the mud throwing wasn’t limited to wherever you live. We saw terrible ads, state and federal, in six states. I understand Nevada had 80% voter turnout, amazing.
3-4​​​         Million rounds spent in one day at Antietam
500​​​         Cannons
23,000​​​ Casualties including dead, injured and missing

190​​​         Dollars to replace the air filter. Plus the filter
31,064​​​ Miles on the Gold Wing
24,533​​​ Miles on the Adventure so far
29 ​​​         States visited
I'm in the center lane of a three lane freeway and we are heading up a hill. The trucks are slower (duh) on the right, and I am gaining on one. But you, of course, can't pass on the left because the left car hasn't cleared me yet. So you run up past me on the right as the gap narrows, and just before running into the back of that tractor trailer, you shoot over in front of me. Good move!

Because if you keep passing people in heavy traffic like this, you could save as much as perhaps a minute. And since you're so important, it's worth it!
This coming week we visit Annapolis and off to Virginia. May run up to PA and visit the Harley factory we missed. See you then!
And be sure to tell a veteran thanks.

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