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50 States Week 24 The Week in Pictures

50 States The Week In Pictures, Week 24
And the weekly wrap up afterwards.

 Notice the ball, jammed in the barrel. Another Gettysburg casualty.

A contrary picture of Rhode Island, across from the Capitol.

 Nice cow. With divas on his flanks.

Whaaat? Time for a discrimination lawsuit. Bike needs covered parking too. Maybe more.

Roar! I'm keeping out poverty.

 "Let's build a Chinese pagoda in the back yard. You know, for tea."

Boats, boats and more boats.

Not a mansion, but a RI college. You can't afford it, either.

Colonel Thomas Knowlton, related to my friend Tom Knowlton. War hero from Bunker Hill, Harlem Heights, and French and Indian War.

 Wow, that ball made it out of the cannon.
And now, the weekly
What's with the CT drivers? Rude. And we've already been to New York. Do they do horn time outs?
Amazing how much the Industrial Revolution gave us. Like watches. Affordable
clothes. Automobiles. A jillion things.
I don't give kudos to the Gold Wing enough. The thing just drags all our crap around and doesn't complain. And heated grips and seats too.
TV in Connecticut: Political commercials of Satan versus Lucifer on a state level. It's everywhere.
Ever notice Connecticut has three c's? Do they pronounce it that way? I haven't heard it. I figured we'd clock 50-60k miles on this adventure. After the East, it seems like we'll just clear 40. But then there's Texas... California...
Besides family, I miss sunsets and sunrises in Vegas. And the sun, of course.
When things work, it's nice. I know, that's not profound, but our Internet is messed up. Forty-five minutes with Apple, then forty with Verizon and no change. Irritating. God bless MacDonald's.
A tie! Both of you, wake up. You've been watching NASCAR too much. Jockeying for position into an on ramp where two lanes run into one. Let's try this again. Every other one. I let one in, you let one in. Drive nice.
26          State number! Connecticut! Over half way.
24          Weeks completed. We'll use more time for Texas and California.
              And Florida. And and and...
29,802   Miles on the Gold Wing
9,025     Miles at start
22,271   Miles traveled so far, including the rental in Alaska
18,956   Dollars spent so far, at least by 10/5. Need to catch up.
118.47   Dollars a day average, spent.
3            People who've been honest enough to say 'no thanks' when offered a
              business card to follow on the blog, saying they wouldn't anyway.
              I respect that.
That's it! Week 24 in the books. Thanks for following. Next week we travel to New Jersey to see...we don't know yet. And Saturday we interrupt the trip once again to fly to San Diego to love on those two little babies. Thanks for following.


Tim Rockstar said...

Honestly, the only reason I took the blog's business card was because I had a piece of broccoli in my teeth, and I used it to get it out. I don't follow the blog at all or comment on it in an attempt to infect the world with humor.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Would too much humor go from an infection to the plague?