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50 States Church Surch Week 24

  50 States Church Surch, Week 25
The First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ

FCC wins the award for Oldest Church of the Adventure, being 290 years old. Yes, in 1722 the faithful entreated the Church to start their own, as riding a horse to the next town for services proved just too tough. They probably really DID go to church in the driving snow.

However, we all drove today, and filed in past the WalMart Greeters. I found an empty pew-hoping I didn't displace someone, as it looked like that kind of church. Inside, the balconies on each side-brace yourself-were hung with
quilts! Quilter Girl should have come this morning!

The faithful crossed almost all demographic lines, with kids to old folks and everyone in between. A very white church. Probably around a hundred people assembled this morning.

We opened with song, led by seven singers and music provided by synth, guitars, drums, tambourine and cowbell. I'm sorry, but I can't see a cowbell without thinking of the Will Farrell skit on Saturday Night Live with Blue Oyster Cult ("I want cowbells!"). But I digress.

The late service (11:15) was the Contemporary Service, with modern music. I thought I was familiar with this music, but every song was new to me.bPastor Ron and Dawn tag teamed the service, Ron preaching and logistics, Dawn the announcements and prayers, both of them serving communion. This church offered communion, but also if anyone needed healing, could go for anointing with oil. Everyone went. This was one sick church.

Pastor Ron preached on Jesus and the rich man, Mark 10:17-31. I liked what he said. So many explain that 'It's harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.' means that the city had a labyrinth type of entrance where camels could make it, but must be unloaded and crawl on their knees. But I've always believed it meant the eye of a needle, like sewing. Because the disciples were shocked, asking how anyone could acquire the kingdom of God. But Jesus said, "With man it is impossible. But with God all things are possible." He didn't say it was a pain in the camel. He said it was impossible. Then possible, thank God.

Anyway, the service went well, the people were friendly to each other and we closed with a song. We sang, "Oh, no you never let go, through the-"

Not again! Twice in one week. First the Capitol, then this church. As we sang, "Oh, no you never let go," the fire alarm...let go. Pun intended. We filed out.  In the parking lot, Pastor Dawn informed us we set a record, 3:39, 5:00 being the previous speed. Awesome. Apparently it was a fire drill.

Didn't want to see the old place burn down.

I wandered into the basement for cookies and drink and milled around the people, seeing if anyone struck up a conversation. Nope. QG would have latched onto someone, but I couldn't seem to strike anything up. Upon reflection I could have asked people if the alarm was a fire drill or false alarm. It's nice to see a church alive after all these years, and it feels like it may just continue to do okay.  

It would be nice to see it rocking, but since it runs three services Sunday
mornings, it is bigger than it feels. But what a history.


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Tim Rockstar said...

Hmmm, fire drill huh? Sounds like a good hook for a slightly Christian based book that starts out with a horrible fire...