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50 States Day 146

50 States Day 146 San Diego, California

"And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
I Corinthians 13:13


Yes, we stopped the journey and embarked on another one, temporarily. Nick and Kim's wedding! Nick is my nephew, youngest of my sister's children- uh, adults. And while the Adventure takes place, other things can happen too, that may be important enough to put the trip on ice.
And this one did.
Because not only did we attend their wedding, but I got to perform the ceremony. Amazing, right? Well in the state of California, a person can become a 'Deputy Commissioner For a Day.'

Yes, it's true. Your truly got to be a preacher for a day. I insisted on people calling me 'reverend,' 'pastor,'or at least 'deputy,' but no one- not one person- obliged. I contented myself with conducting the service with dignity and honor. If you look carefully you'll see the deputy star Kim gave me to wear on my lapel. Now that I think of it, perhaps I could have arrested some people.
We had a great ceremony. Except for one train speeding by behind the- ahem- altar, the blessed occasion went without a hitch. Shoot, the bride didn't even pass out. 

Afterwards we toasted, cut cake, chatted and pretty much had a great time. 
Let's give it up to Kim's sister who toasted them with a couple of gems, something like this: 
"We got to grow up together and now you two can grow old together." And:
"May this day be the day you love each other the least." Need to think about that one, but very cool. 

Dad got to do the blessing over the meal, and honored the happy couple well too. 

The music played, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner under the warm California skies, and people wished Kim and Nick well.
The DJ spun tunes and we danced as if no one was watching.

We had a great time. 
Congratulations to Kim and Nick, and thanks for the privilege of participating in your wedding in such a honorable way. 
It was my pleasure.
Tomorrow, the baby shower for Amy Issouf and the twins. Another California party. We got a twofer deal on this trip!


Mel Nason said...

Reverend Parsons,
Since Quilter Girl has been a 'woman of the cloth' for so many years, it is good and just that you have finally become a 'man of the cloth'.
With all due respect sir, your pop-top tent trailer should hence-forth be referred to as the Portable Parsonage.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I'm telling you, it was a one day deal. Just Clark Kent now.

Mel Nason said...

Well Clark, with the elimination of phone booths everywhere, where do you go to change your clothes? Since there's and 'app' for everything, you probably have a 'virtual phone booth app'... right?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I'm Clark Kent. No need to change in a phone booth. *Sniff.*

Tim Rockstar said...

Great job dad. you earned that star

................................ Kevin Parsons said...