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50 States, Day 145

50 States, Day 145, Manchester running around

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."
~Leon J. 

Nothing like a plane ride to mess up the day. We spent the morning shifting things and re-shifting. Becuase we're gone for four days, the ice chest gets cleaned out- like throw everything in the Dumpster. Time to get everything charged up for the trip as well. This photo isn't staged. I looked at my handiwork and snapped a photo of it. Still need to charge QG's phone and mine.

We ran to AutoZone for headlights and I worked on replacing them while Quilter Girl shopped for grand babies. I made good progress on the bulb replacement until step one; reach in and pull out the plug, it's held by friction. Well, it is held by a LOT of friction! Gave up, we'll visit it again. 

With a little time to spare, we rode around the 'burbs and checked out- uh, the 'burbs. Some duplexes actually made for a nice neighbourhood. They just need more substantial decks.

Back to the motel and we sorted more junk out. Amazing how wet everything is, so we unloaded it and Beverly Hillbillies style, spread it over the parking lot. 

We left the Wing and trailer in the motel parking lot, the memory of 'We will not be responsible...' from the pass on the windshield. 

Next the 'free' shuttle and to the strip search, and waiting for the plane. SWA, and a bit late. We'll probably get ther on time anyway. SWA has a was of picking up lost time.

Sorry for the short blog, but air travel and all...
See you tomorrow.



Mel Nason said...

Thanks for the moose photo. I've always wondered what a chocolate moose looked like!

Have a great 'vacation' from your, uh... vacation!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

What's with these states' obsessions with meese? Mooses? Moose?