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Special Feature #3

Special Feature #3 

Time for some wild bikes. 

Felix Predko liked to tinker, and think big. He built King Kong, a two engined monster. He called it a work in progress, always fixing it up. For instance, he machined an electric starter for it, as the engine(s) didn't have it at the time. Look at the back end. I'm thinking '59 Cadillac. It features a compressor to operate the locomotive horn. I like that. 

You like rhinestones? You love them? 'The Rhinestone Harley' by Russ Townsend could be just for you. Laid up with an injury, Russ set to work setting red, white and blue rhinestones on this baby. Tons of lights too, so he installed a second alternator. You know what they say, if a little is good...

Gary 'Tator' Gilmore raced this two engined beast in the quarter mile in under eight seconds, the first Harley to accomplish the feat. Two engines again. And a really terrible picture, you're welcome.

Who is that guy? Why it's me on a... a... Harley Davidson! Yes, at one time they even built scooters.

Tomorrow our final pics and some brilliant insights by... well, I can't find anyone brilliant, so some Harley insights by me. See you then, and don't forget the 'Church Surch.' Got one picked out.

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