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50 States Day 98

Day 98 Green Bay to Somewhere in Door County,  125 miles

"What's trapped inside you is eating you alive."
~Charles Henderson

"Think we should put on the rain gear?" QG looked at the black sky.
"I don't know." Perhaps my perspective was skewed as we huddled under a tree, after just picking up some vittles. That's Wiscsononian for groceries. Just then the sky opened up. We got our answer and put on the gear.
The short three mile ride to the campground included lightening (I saw it hit a tower), thunder, rain gushing down, and hard side winds. We landed and got everything stowed, and I looked at the (PP!) iPad. Wet. In water on our 'dresser' in the tent. "Nooo!"  I thought I hated it, but I suddenly wanted it to compute, to make pretty pictures and live to be a ripe old computer age, like six months more or so. A quick wipe-down and it worked just fine. So there's my positive statement about the iPad. On a hunch, we had closed the windows almost to the top, or wow,we'd be in a lake.
The weather report said huge rain, lightening and hard hail to the Northwest, so we- brace yourself- made alternate plans. Yes, we used our brains, together, to change our plans to avoid the bad weather. Sounds like common sense, but we didn't do that in Denver, when multiple people told us of the snow. We got rain, but nothing like the Northwest.
Wisconsin is green grass beautiful. Not just grass, but farmland, pastures and landscapes. 

The rain continues  to pound our tent, and the floor, our clothes and shoes are soaked. 
And we avoided the bad stuff. Cool.

And now, The Weekly Wrap Up.


Being a desert rat, I appreciate water. Looks like it would be nice to live along this bay, or Lake Michigan. But the winters? I'll take the desert.
People are crazy. Whether it's Harley or the Packers, some people- a lot of them- get way too serious. It's a bike. It's a team. Or whatever it is, settle down. 
Lots of houses for sale here. Recession woes here too. But the tourist towns today rocked. Lots of folks walking and shopping. 
I saw some stupid stuff on the news. A guy saved someone's life and got billed for it. A boxer (dog) got the bad end of a porcupine. I don't miss watching the news on TV. 
A year is a long time. But if it rained every day, it would be quite longer.


It's rush hour in Milwaukee. Traffic is snarled. But you change lanes and cut a guy off. He honks, you swerve to miss him right behind me, then swing back again and pass me. Congratulations. You got home one car length sooner. Hope you used that time well. You are the most important driver and we should yield to your wishes.


3.94       Gas. Is it going up, or is it Wisconsin? Seemed to shoot up. Average $3.79.
109        Years old. Harley. Congratulations.
11,345    Dollars spent so far. As of August 2, anyway.
118.17    Dollars spent per day. 
5,000      Times we've been lost. Kidding! Not more than four hundred.
13           Weeks complete
1             Honda at the Harley Museum, yours truly.
56,000    Fans at Lambeau Stadium to watch a 'not game'.
10           Dollars to park in people's yards.
4.25        Dollars for a regular soda at Lambeau.

That's it, friends. Look below or to the previous post for another Harley Museum post. Thanks.


VKNGS77 said...

I saw your bike parked near the ferry to Washington Island on Saturday evening (just before the rain hit). As we walked along the beach I was looking at faces trying to figure out who belonged to that flashy bike. Unfortunately I didn't run into you guys, but the website sticker stuck in my head. I am so glad I had a moment today to check out your blog. What an adventure you must be having. It is nice to see people with an adventurous spirit living out their ideas. I hope you enjoyed your time in WI.


................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Wow, I wish we would have met you!
Yes,the bike looks flashy, but we look like homeless people. Wait a minute, we are!
Thanks for the good comments.