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50 States Special Feature Day 3

Special Feature, Auto Racing Museum Day 3

Gotta give it up for Johnny Parsons (love the name!), the 1950 winner. Parsons led for 115 laps when the race was called for rain on lap 138 as he led. He sold the car and it scored second the next year. No, he's no relation.

A movie star! Bobbie Unser drove this car to victory lane in 1968, but it also starred in the Paul Newman, Joanna Woodward and Robert Wagner film, 'Winning.'

Yes, a diesel car competed in the Indianapolis 500. Cummins Diesel fielded cars for the race in 1931, '34, '50 and '52. This one qualified thirty-third, last in the field and supercharger failure took the car out of the race after 52 laps. Later, the car ran Bonneville and attained a record setting speed of 165.2 miles per hour.

Speaking of Bonneville, Craig Breedlove drove this 'Spirit of America Sonic 1' to a two way speed of 407.45 miles per hour. The Federation wouldn't recognize the record setting speed because it only had three wheels. Breedlove built other cars, achieving the top speed of 608 mph.
His wife set a women's record with his car of 308.56 mph.

And more Bonneville:
Cal Rayborn piloted this modified V-Twin Harley Davidson 265 miles per hour.
Because the machine stands only 25 inches high, he had to ride it and look over his knee, out the side of the machine. You may recognize the bike from the movie, 'On Any Sunday.'
Speaking of bikes and Bonneville: I own a built Suzuki Hayabusa and have set a goal to ride a motorcycle 200 miles per hour. I've gone 194 at the el Mirage dry lakebed with the Southern California Timing Association. When this trip is done, I'm taking it to Bonneville. I will ride it over 200. Take that to the bank.
Hope you enjoyed the show. Hats off to Indy for providing a great museum at a
reasonable price of five bucks.


Mel Nason said...

Thanks for all the great pics from the Indy Museum (worth every penny I paid) and best of luck with that 200 mph at Bonneville (speaking of 'paid', make sure your life insurance is...)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

You can come to the Big B and drive the chase car. You know, pick up the pieces...