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50 States Day 115

50 States, Day 115 Wilmington to Columbus and Back, 150 Miles
"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes because that's where the fruit is."
~Will Rogers

Grove City, along the Scioto River, wanted to host the state Capitol, so they offered to give the state ten acres on the east side of the river which was uninhabited, and that's how Columbus became Ohio's Capitol.

Today the city, mixing skyscrapers, landscaping and the river, looks pretty darn good. So good, in fact, that the Capitol looks a bit dowdy to me. It is Greek style which I don't like, but was designed so for good reason. First, because the Greeks were the pioneers of democracy and second, because they won independence from the Turks, similar to America winning their independence.

Pat, our tour guide, not only exuded passion for her building, but was a fountain of knowledge on American and Ohio history, winning the coveted Best Tour Guide of then Adventure So Far award! Give it up for Pat!

We even learned why America fought the war of 1812, when we already won our
independence. I didn't know why, but I bet you do, right?

We toured the city, up and down a few streets on the Gold Wing, mostly because we were lost. But for a 'big city downtown,' I thought it was pretty cool. QG hung on and hated the congestion.

Heading back on the blue highways, pretty little towns slowed us down at regular intervals; the houses indicated we're further east. More history here. And being honest, a few towns looked rather run down. Everyone who buys an old house should set money aside for porch reinforcing, siding, windows and roofing. Watering the grass wouldn't hurt either.

QG read that Wilmington is the banana split capitol of the world, the first fruity dessert being made there. We rode through town and found nothing to celebrate the tasty delight, and settled for Damon's Sports Bar, which featured Happy Hour Appetizers. We ordered Boneless Buffalo wings and buffalo cheese smothered french fries. Never had those before. Oh, my. Those smothered fries are like a bunch of kittens dancing around a piece of hanging yarn on your tongue. Brother. I meant they tasted really good.

Back to the tent and Brad, next door, invited us over for S'mores. Mmm. Warm marshmallows melting Hershey's chocolate on a graham cracker. They tasted like a basket full of puppies-forget it. They tasted really good.

Tomorrow we're headed for the Ohio River. Don't forget the previous post for the last Auto Museum post.
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