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50 States Special Feature #1

Special Feature 1: Harley Museum

There a bit of controversy if this is bike number one or not, but it is the
first, or one of the first Harleys manufactured. The frame is from a '05, and the engine doesn't match the specifications for their first. But it is the oldest Harley produced. Notice how bicyclish it looks. Most did that during the early years.

This 1912 model features belt drive, similar to some new models. Note the clutch in the back wheel. This year HD started selling a shirt, first of a jillion.

One third of Harleys produced in 1919 went to the military for the Mexican
border skirmish. This model features an acetylene headlamp.

Do you see the bicycle morphing into a motorcycle? The teardrop tank on this
1928 model takes prominence and will continue... forever. Twin cams helped
achieve fifty horsepower.

Taking a good swing back against the Depression, Harley sold 11,000 units like this in 1934, thanks to stylish design and a more powerful flathead engine.
Tomorrow, stay tuned for some Harleys that were built to work and to race. See you then.

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