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50 States, Day 95

Day 95, Spring Green and Thereabout, 107 Miles
"If you are going through hell, keep going."
~Winston Churchill

QG loves Frank Lloyd Wright stuff and to be honest, so do I. The man transformed building and architecture. He lived in Wisconsin, so he built  Taliesin near Spring Green. We rode there today to enjoy the beauty.
First, one must endure the gift shop and restaurant which were gorgeous and designed by Mr. Wright. He employed long low lines and cantilevered ceilings.

Next we load into the bus like cattle-minus the mooing and smelling much better-and head to the place.

I needed to remind myself of three things as I surveyed the beauty and found fault. Taliesin was built over a hundred years ago and yet looks contemporary. Wright took building design to new levels. Secondly, the roofs sagged and settled in spots, stairs cocked backwards and retaining walls toppled. Again, it was built over a hundred years ago, but I've seen four hundred year old churches hold up much better than this. But third, the building was eccentric design, and really, since his own, was a test bed or prototype for his future work.
Frank's life was colorful-not just his designs, but personally as well. He married, had kids, had a mistress, remarried, had a mistress and really trashed his design business. He took his mistress to Europe where nobody cared about his private life like the American aristocrats. He returned a year later.
On August 15, 1914, a disgruntled employee set fire to the building, blocked doorways and forced people to an exit where he killed them with a hatchet. Seven people died, including his mistress and her two children. 

Wow. These days you file a complaint.
The tour took us through the grounds and and was worth every penny of twenty five dollars. The only trouble was it cost forty seven. I would like to have seen a movie about Frank's life, as well as shots of buildings he designed. Also, no photography inside the building. Not because of flashes deteriorating the beauty but because the inside of the building is copyrighted. What? That's the stupidest thing I've heard since the (PP!) Super Bowl said we can't call them Super Bowl parties. Take pictures, tell your friends, let everyone know about Taliesin.
We rode back to the barn to do business and it isn't interesting, so I thought I'd do a Product Review for you.

Commonly called a 'Hot Spot' the 4G little gizmo delivers WiFi when the local campground or motel lets me down.
First, a warning. You know how I despise the iPad, a very frustrating tech thingy that should not have gone to market before the touch pad actually worked properly. Not wild about my Droid. The intercoms have received my wrath. So brace yourself.
I love this thing. Really. It has ONE BUTTON. On, off. How simple is that? Push the button once, a small light flashes, the screen illuminates, and the battery life is displayed. Next, an antenna shows up to tell you it's connected to a cell tower. Finally, the famous Verizon bars stack up, one to four depending on the signal strength, and voila, you have WiFi.
Now, take your piece of crap iPad or PC to settings and it finds the Hot Spot and asks you for a passcode. I love this part. It's on the back of the unit!           
 This little puppy has pulled me out of some tough spots. Except Coldfoot, Alaska where there are no... nothings.
One little downside is the thing eats battery life like a backsliding Jenny Craig woman at a Krispy Kreme. Keep the charger handy or don't leave it running if you don't need it.
Hold the button down until the lights go out and it's off. Simple and nice.
Two thumbs up for the Hot Spot! Never thought I'd do that, did you?
Tomorrow we head to Milwaukee for... go ahead, guess.
a.) Harley Davidson factory tour.
b.) Schlitz brewery tour
c.) 4th service on the Gold Wing.
Hopefully, all of the above.
See you there!


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