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Product Placement and People

Day 17,  28 miles

"Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
~Sir Winston Churchill

We visited many stores today, so I thought today's post could explain Product Placement. You see, vendors like to place their products strategically in front of you, the mentally challenged, easily duped consumer who will immediately run out and buy that product. Therefore, I always warn of Product Placement! when I position a delicious product in front of you. I don't want to be responsible for your making rash decisions.
However, I made the mistake of warning you after placing the product. The risk is that I say, "I went to the bike shop, Apex Sport Shop " (product placement!). The danger is as soon as you read the name, you'll take off for the bike shop before reading the warning. So I'm moving the warning to before the Product Placement. Now it will read, "I went to the bike shop, (PP!) Apex Sport Shop. That should keep you safe from mindlessly going to Colorado Springs and buying a new (PP!) Honda Gold Wing. You have been warned!
This shop bent over backwards to help us. They schedule service four weeks ahead, yet when they heard our challenge, they squeezed us in for an oil change.
I am a writer, and I believe everyone has a story. The stories sing in a bike shop. Today, I heard, "I went 6,000 miles to Baja..." "The doctor said I have the body of a 42 year old..." (A 22 year old kid.) "I love that bike. It works perfectly for me..."
Great stuff.
When we dropped off the bike, we asked about breakfast. They recommended (PP!) Castle King, in a purple castle with yellow turrets. It serves 12 people with two guys, the food tasted delightful, and with the good conversations, proved to be an excellent choice.
We shopped a bit in Manitou Springs and Quilter Girl bought her  Colorado fabric for her 50 States quilt.(PP!) Nana's Quilts hooked her up. We then wandered around town and discovered (PP!) Karibu African Imports. Marilyn gave us the tour and explained that the proceeds work for projects in Africa. I bought a necklace, and QG got earrings for her sister. What a wonderful way to support those in neeed. Check it out,
We met myriad wonderful people today. Mark and Tracy work at the campground, and sinnce he lost his job, decided to RV it and earn money as they travel. They have worked at Daytona, and all during Bike Week. Very cool!
Al and his son Leana, from Texas, vacation together and were headed to Seattle.
Finally, we spent time with Taylor and Kathy Stott. Kathy has a history with us, as she was Quilter Girl's best friend in High School, was maid of honor at our wedding, and was my former girlfriend. I know, I know. A bit weird.
We are learning to slow down. Three people stopped us today as we prepared to leave for the (PP!) bike shop. We stopped and talked to them, taking our sweet time. And the bike shop? Oops! (PP!) Hope that's not too late! People wanted to talk about the trip, and so did we. People are more important than time. You can take that to the (PP!) bank.

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