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Day 16 Central City to Manitou Springs, CO

Day 16,  208 miles
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
~Will Rogers

Colorado was a land of contrasts today; high, rugged mountains with a frosting of snow against brown grass on the high plains at their feet. Even the aspen trees wore contrasts,as the higher elevation trees stubbornly held onto winter, while the lower ones shone a dazzling bright green against the evergreens.
Mr. Sun was our friend today! From early rising he stayed the course today, evaporating memories of the past few days like the morning dew. Even at high elevations, he dissipated the chill, sometimes just barely. 
Today we took the back roads from Central City to Manitou Springs, with not a moment of mediocre. Between the trees, fields, houses and winding roads, the trip rewarded us every mile.
We camped at Garden of the Gods RV Park, and I'm throwing them under the bus. The place is fine...really. But the 'reviews' on their website- well, they have no signatures on them, and they lie. "The water pressure in the showers was so good it was almost scary." 

Wrong. It was pathetic. What makes me mad is they lie to get guests, then disappoint them! Then people like me tell a hundred of their friends! Enough.
Tonight we enjoyed a special treat, as we met my literary agent, Terrry Burns, at The Written World (product placement!) in Colorado Springs. We got to meet his lovely wife Saundra too, a bonus. Kristine Pratt, the bookstore owner, had invited Terry to speak there, and I weaseled my way in on his coattails.  I got a chance to speak too. Terry and I discussed my upcoming book titled, '50 States in 50 Weeks.' Clever title, eh? Guess what it's about? We had an altogether great evening capped off with a meal at Chile's (product palcement!). Good times with great people.

Late night tonight, after midnight.

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