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Day 24, Lincoln, NE

DAY 24,  17.3 Miles. Really.

While today wasn't necessarily a 'stand down' day, we toured Lincoln. First we explored the Capitol.
Just South of the college, the Capitol building is a beautiful edifice. It faces the Governor's Mansion. After seeing the state senators' offices, I want to run for Governor. Shoot, his reception office is twice as big as a senator's. And then there's the mansion.
Pictures adorn the walls of the Capitol and tile images shine from the floors. Lots of limestone.
We voted this the 'most awesome' Capitol yet. First, no parking meters. Cool. Next, we could ride in a claustrophobic little elevator to the top, to view the city and cupola. Very nice!
Good job, Nebraska.
Next I totally violated the Man Code, completely blew it out of the water, and went with Quilter Girl to the... Quilt Museum. 
It gets worse. We attended a class on quilts from China. Forty- five women, me and two men. One guy ran the camera and one held up quilts. So I'm the only audience man. Actually it was pretty interesting. Then we toured the building and observed quilts from the past. I prefer the quilt shows in Sisters Oregon, really. Their quality is unsurpassed. However, this was a museum, not a show. 
Anyway, I ask you men for my forgiveness. Next time Quilter Girl wants to go to a Quilt museum, I'll go to a bar and beat someone up. Promise.
Finally, the Quilt Museum featured 'art' in the front.
How arty. No wonder I went inside!
Tomorow, we ride, headed West.


Anonymous said...

Taking one for the team!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!I laughed out loud at this one. -Leah