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50 States, Day 25

Lincoln to Minden, NE    155 Miles

"If you don't risk anything, you risk even more."
~Erica Jong

Today we turn the corner and head back West. Instead of the wind attempting to blow us into oncoming  traffic, it pushes us toward the shoulder. Much better.
Nebraska is North Kansas and Kansas is South Nebraska. The middle is flat as apiece of paper, the farming printed neatly onto the surface.
Now I know how people feel when they come to Las Vegas. Funny because I gape in awe at the huge farms, furrowed neatly, the monstrous grain elevators that tower into the sky, and the strange contraptions that do... something. Till, or fertilize, harvest,or combine (what does 'combine' mean anyway?). 
I'm still confused as to how those big long sprinklers work. I need to ask a farmer some questions.
We stopped in Hastings for lunch-from-the-trunk.
This is another nice town with neat streets, a clean park, and that 'I probably don't need to take the keys with me' kind of feeling. The churches wrestle for attention with their myriad bricks.
The Midwest oozes with polite conversation, good citizenship, and a slow drawl. I could live here! Wait. Remember, in the winter it's 0 degrees with snow blowing sideways. Okay maybe not.
A short ride later and we arrived in Minden, which boasts of the Pioneer Village, with 26 buildings of memorabilia, antiques and memories of Nebraska past. We'll check that out tomorrow. 

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