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50 States- Getting the word Out.

I taught a class yesterday, ‘How to Get The Most Out of the Conference’ at the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference and mentioned the trip. At meals, I mentioned the upcoming voyage. I pitched the upcoming nonfiction book about the trip to a publisher.

Ya gotta get the word out! I’m really shy (I know, that sounds stupid) about talking up what we’re doing. Yet people hear it and become captivated. And particularly at the Conference.

“Where are you from?”


“Alaska. We’ll be there in June.”


“Right . We’ll cruise through there around September.”

The conversation takes off from there. I still figure the responses run two to one against. Max said he wouldn’t do that, no way. Some people are gracious, but it’s obvious they are not into it. And the minority is thrilled.

I like to talk to them.

Can’t wait to ride the bike and start up dialogue. The wrap is a great conversation starter. But with my forehead looking like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, wearing the helmet is not a smart option. Stitches out Monday and a few days of healing and we’ll be ready to ride!
So tell your friends about our ride, and if they visit our blog, I'll give you $50,000.
Okay maybe not.

Before. Hard to believe it's the same bike, right?

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