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Southwest Swing Day 2

Day two began with refurbishing and repairs. A quick trip to the hardware store and RV store gave us the gear to repair the damaged trailer light hookup, and a bit of glue aided the PVC assembly to improve the tent performance. Way less sagging now. After struggling with which way to place the plastic frame, I called the factory for some clarification. Between the cell and the frame assembly, I'm beginning to wonder if I can fix anything. However, everything went well, and the lights work, the frame holds up the tent, and I can answer the phone by myself!
We enjoyed a delicious lunch,treating Dad (I must watch for the check, or he'll beat me to it!) at the Red Onion. I highly recommend the Red Onion in LHC! Great food, ambiance and service.
Hugs goodbye and off we go to Yuma. The desert sky is clear and bright blue, and anomaly for the US in March, but not unusual for Arizona. The vast expanse of desert makes us feel small. Rugged mountains reach to the sky and the road, while straight, undulates up and down for
We arrive at Carol and Arden's place 3 hours late, apparently typical for this run. Perhaps we'll just set our clocks 3 hours ahead.
In another burst of brilliance (okay, maybe not) we parked the Trailmaster in their carport.
Okay, no photos today either. Between my Ipad, laptop, fancy phone and relatives' computer, it appears to be impossible.
My humblest apologies.


John D said...

The London Bridge was moved to Lake Havasu City wasn't it? I have friends that spend their winters in Yuma. They live in Lander, Wyoming.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes the London Bridge was moved to LHC. Yuma is famous for it's airbase.